For anyone interested in knowing more about where our food comes from and what’s in the products we eat, I highly recommend watching this documentary:

It’s about an hour and a half and even if you watch only the first 20 minutes you will definitely be shocked.

This is also quite relevant to our local area seeing as many of the companies and products mentioned are grown and sprayed all around us everyday.

One thought

  1. This is not a new issue. The world produces more safe, nutritious food now, than at any point in it’s history. However, it is not a pleasant, “organic”, nor particularly life-affirming process.

    Upton Sinclair’s 1906 book, “The Jungle”, spurred Teddy Roosevelt (unlike his cousin, FDR, Teddy was not known as a bleeding heart liberal) to create the FDA. I have problems with the “D” part of the FDA, but I applaud their successes on the food side.

    However, much like legislation, most people do not really “want” to know how food is produced in commercial quantities. As an example, I watched, “Super Size Me” about three years ago. I completely swore off of fast food (except sandwich shops like Quizno’s and Subway) for several months, and have only had McDonald’s food maybe a half-dozen times since.

    The alternative to modern food production is massive global starvation. What many people in our area can do, if they choose, is to grow their own vegetables. At least you have some modicum of control of the chemical inputs. It also will teach some valuable lessons as to why herbicide, fungicide and pesticide treatments are an absolute necessity in large-scale agricultural production.

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