Like Ryan at the Daily Kingfish, I have changed the background color to green, in support of those in Iran who are risking everything to protest against the stolen election.

Apparently, these are the real numbers:

Ballots cast – 37.4 million (81%)
Spoilt ballots – 600,000 (1.6%)
Mir Hossein Mousavi – 21.3 million (57.2%)
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – 10.5 million (28%)
Mohsen Rezaei – 2.7 million (7.2%)
Mehdi Karrubi – 2.2 million (6%)

On the ground, instantaneous coverage of the protests going on in Iran, written by a brave Iranian college student:

Picture 3

3 thoughts

  1. This is one we all need to pay attention to. Where did those election numbers come from? Is there a solid source behind that?

  2. Sadly , it appears most of us have our attention on other thing’s.
    But in the real world, nothing ever changes.

  3. Erik, I picked up the numbers from an Iranian opposition website, which I believe may have been hacked.

    So now, I am not sure they are solid numbers; however, I do think it’s worth noting that 30+ million paper ballots being counted by HAND in only three hours is obvious cause for concern. To me, it’s pretty evident this election was stolen.

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