I am not sure how I missed this, but a hearty congratulations to Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu (as well as his entire staff at CRT) for winning the first-ever national Public Innovator Award, presented by RootCause. Quoting:

The Public Innovator Award recognizes government leaders who embrace six roles for advancing innovative, entrepreneurial solutions to today’s most difficult problems.  “We’re honoring Lt. Governor Landrieu for his vision in founding the Office of Social Entrepreneurship in 2006, the first office of its kind in the nation, to support the creation and growth of the solutions to the many social problems affecting the state of Louisiana,” said Wolk. “He is on the leading edge of a national movement to identify what works and ditch what doesn’t, and we hope his leadership spawns similar efforts at all levels of government across the nation.”

You can listen to Lt. Governor Landrieu’s acceptance speech here.

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