Released last week by the White House, photographic evidence of David Vitter with Barack Obama. Vitter is seen shaking hands and patting President Obama on the back.

Is he encouraging the President?


7 thoughts

  1. OK Possible scenarios:

    A. Vitter is cupping a “Kick ME!” yellow sticky in his hand and finally sees his chance.

    B. He’s planting a bug or tracking device on Obama in the hopes of getting any info they can.

    C. he’s trying to give him the number for a very “special” spa

  2. Or perhaps he just respects the the man and the office he holds…even if he disagrees with him on certain issues.

    1. Of course. And that’s the way it should be.

      I just wanted to inject some levity (in the context of the story about Obama shaking hands with Hugo Chavez).

      There’s a moment in the movie Frost/Nixon where one of the top oppo researchers against Nixon declares, “I will never shake that man’s hand.” Only moments later, when Nixon arrives in the room, the researcher shakes Nixon’s hand and says, “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. President.”

      We can disagree without being disagreeable, right?

  3. I had a similar thing happen with Bill Clinton when he was attending the Messiah at POA. This was shortly after the Lewinski Scandal broke. Although I disagreed with Clinton’s politics I was glad when I had the chance to personaly greet him. All I could think of was “damn this guy is tall”.

  4. During my graduation from Tulane Clinton and Bush, Sr were the keynote speakers. I ended up with an aisle seat. Every third or fourth person on the aisle was getting a hand shake and personal congrats from Bill. Just before he got to me someone yelled my name. I turned, and as I turn back I see Bill Clinton looking at me with this shocked hurt look on his face because it totally looked like I had pulled my hand away from him when he went to shake it.

    Just my luck, the one time you could meet someone like that with no secret service or anything and I psych out the president!

    1. As long as we’re swapping Bill Clinton stories (who I also met him when he was down in Alexandria (as President) to see The Messiah at the POA): One day, my father, uncle, and cousin were playing a round of golf at the Alexandria Country Club.

      I think it was on a Sunday, mid-afternoon, during the first or second month of my freshman year of college (which would have been during Clinton’s final months in office). Alexandria wasn’t on high notice. No one had been forewarned about a Presidential visit. And, believe it or not, it stayed completely out of the newspaper.

      So, they’re all driving their golf carts up to a green in the back nine (which at the time, I believe, abutted a tee-box), and a swarm of golf carts races up to the green from the tee-box.

      It was Bill Clinton and his Secret Service detail.

      One can speculate about with whom (from Alexandria) the President was playing a surreptitious round of golf; maybe one day, they will come forward.

      But I’ve always liked the story: You’re playing golf one day in your local, small town country club, and it just so happens that the President of the United States is a few holes behind you.

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