Not a single award.

Not a first place, second place, third place, or even an honorable mention.

I have to wonder if the folks at The Town Talk even entered the competition, because, from the looks of it, awards were given to numerous publications, including Alexandria’s own LBC Live (which I presume is about the Louisiana Baptist Conference?). Quoting (bold mine):

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans), The Courier (Houma), Jennings Daily News, The Daily News (Bogalusa), the Tri-Parish Times & BusinessNews (Houma), The Plaquemines Gazette (Belle Chasse), and The Bunkie Record earned Newspaper of the Year honors in their respective divisions at the 129th Annual Louisiana Press Association Convention in Baton Rouge.

The designation for the Newspaper of the Year is based on the number of points earned in the Better Newspaper Editorial Competition and the Better Newspaper Advertising Competition for 2008 with awards being given in individual contests for first, second, third places and honorable mention.  The editorial contests range from news story writing to graphic design while the advertising entries were judged based on design, creativity and effectiveness.  The Kansas Press Association judged both competitions this winter.

Seventy-nine newspapers, publications, and college/university student newspapers submitted 3,812 entries.

For a paper that has remained an institution in this community for over 150 years, a paper about which an entire book was written, this is just embarassing.

On a good note, congratulations to Greg Peters of Suspect Device for winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for his brilliant editorial cartoons.

3 thoughts

  1. Why am I not suprised?
    Once upon a time the TT would sweep the awards and crow about it….

  2. Coming from New Orleans, I find the Town Talk very lacking in REAL news and they are definitely nothing compared to the Times Picayune. I have been misquoted and my words taken out of proportion. However, I was quoted in today’s paper and it was exactly right! Go figure! TT needs to get some serious journalists and sweep out the blood thirsty divisive reporters who are out to get a cheap story and a cheap thrill. I discontinued my subscription last year. I thought I would save some poor trees their pride so as to not have uninteresting stories of the TT printed on them.


  3. This is what happens when a large out of state company takes over local newspaper. They have no real local interest and are not here to serve Rapides Parish, just in it to make money. They have cut staff and budget over and over, and the few remaining reporters are too overworked and apathetic to generate any news of real interest locally. Pretty soon everything will look as bland and mediocre as USA Today, Gannet’s flagship. And they wonder why the Newspaper is dying.

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