If you read through some of the posts on here, you’ll see that getting rid of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a big issue for me. It’s also a big issue for all of Louisiana since the other option is a return to sugar. Sugar was the primary beverage sweetener before 1984 when Coke and Pepsi switched to the cheaper (government subsidized) HFCS.

HFCS is an artificial sweetener created by chemically altering regular corn syrup (like the Karo syrup you make desserts out of) to put it into a form that is several times sweeter and alien to our bodies. Aside from tasting horrid and actually MAKING you thirsty, HFCS plays havoc on many systems of the body.

Since its introduction three main things have happened: rates of diabetes have risen exponentially each year; obesity has risen substantially, especially among children; and the demand for sugar has dramatically fallen.

Getting rid of HFCS products does two main things for Louisiana: it lowers the tax burden we all have for paying for healthcare for all of these diabetic and obese people, AND it greatly improves our agricultural economy.

Where does corn syrup come from? Iowa.

Where does sugar come from? Louisiana.

Pepsi has just introduced two “new” (actually old) products: Pepsi throwback and Mountain Dew throwback. They are back to the good old sugar sweetened formulas. No HFCS.

Also if you like rootbeer and fruity beverages, Walgreens offers Deerfield Farms sugar-sweetened sodas. They are a glass bottled store brand available in the cold section of any Walreens.

So support your state, go out and drink a Throwback and then call up your local grocer, Pepsi distributor, or convenient store and tell them you want more products with sugar and fewer with HFCS!

Update: Yay I finally found the dew!

It does exist!  (it it was good)
It does exist! (and it was good)

BTW – Everyone Please make sure you call the local Pepsi office and let them know you want this product (or it will go away) and that you want more like it:

Pepsi of Alexandria
(318) 443-7395

And tell your grocer:

Super 1 Foods – Alexandria (318) 445-4014
Super 1 Foods – Kingsville (318) 641-7131
Super 1 Foods – 28 East (318) 442-6950
Mac’s Fresh Market – Jackson St. (318) 442-2797
Mac’s Fresh Market – 28 East (318) 442-5911
Mac’s Fresh Market – Tioga (318) 640-4819
Albertson’s – Alexandria (318) 442-5364
Ball Foods (IGA in Ball) (318) 640-4651
Kroger – Alexandria (318) 442-0512

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  1. As a follow up to this, Drew, take note of 2 liter bottles of Coca-Cola Classic with yellow bottle tops. The yellow tops indicate that those bottles are kosher for Passover. Because corn is not considered kosher for Passover, Coca-Cola bottles a special batch of Coca-Cola Classic (and I think regular Sprite, too) made with sugar. Passover was just a couple of weeks ago, so you may still be lucky enough to find the yellow-topped bottles at the grocery store. It’s too bad they don’t bottle these “Passover batches” the rest of the year. If they’re none left at Krogers or Albertsons or Super 1, you’ll have to wait until Passover next year for your special sugar-filled bottles. Until then, cheers.

    1. Chronos:

      It’s a shame that we can’t figure out if the sugar-flavored is beet sugar or cane sugar. We could vote with out pocketbooks and support our Louisiana sugar cane farmers all at the same time.

      On the “kosher” Coke side, does anybody know if Orthodox Jews have to drink kosher Coca-Cola year round? If so, where do they get their supplies outside of the Passover period? Or do they just have to stock up?

      I guess we should be happy for this victory, however small. It reminds me of the small, but growing, vinyl rebirth in music.

  2. Thanks Chronos and Perpetual,

    I actually knew about the kosher Coke but really wasn’t sure it would be available locally. I’m glad it was.

    This is actually one of those issues that comes down to pure consumer activism.

    Politicians rarely pay attention to the wants of their constituents unless they know it will cost them votes. Companies rarely give a crap what their customers think unless it starts affecting their bottom lines!

    By making an effort to buy sugar sweetened products AND by actually calling your local bottler or talking to your grocery store manager you can actually let them know that sugar in lieu of HFCS is important to you and will affect your buying decision.

    Just FYI — other great sugar-sweetened sodas include:

    Jarritos http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jarritos
    Barrilitos http://www.barrilitos.com/

    Both fruity sodas available from Latin Groceries, Super 1, and some Wal-Marts (either in the beverage section or the international/hispanic aisle).

    And my favourite:

    Sangria Señorial http://www.novamex.com/sangria_senorial.sstg

    This fabulous soda is available at Wal-Mart (hispanic aisle). It’s made from actual wine grapes and citrus juices and tastes like a really good Sangria with the alcohol removed (and from my Tulane days I can tell you it mixes well with Vodka ;o) )

    1. As a side note, you can purchase Dublin Dr. Pepper, which is made with sugar and not HFCS and is the ORIGINAL recipe for Dr. Pepper, online here: http://www.dublindrpepper.com/

      Unfortunately, I am not aware if it is available locally, though I used to buy it all the time at the Sunrise Grocery Store back when I lived in Houston.

  3. Snapple announced a few months back that they’re also eliminating HFCS from its beverages in favor of real sugar. It’s probably been 15 years or more since I’ve had a Snapple, so I couldn’t tell you if the sugar-sweetened product is available here or not.

  4. Alas, it doesn’t look like it’s available in my area (Baton Rouge). I haven’t checked anywhere else in the state. You can search at http://pepsiproductfacts.com/ .

    Also, it’s only available for eight weeks. Asked whether Pepsi might continue it if consumer response was really good, a rep said, “We’ll see.” Unfortunately I imagine that the HFCS producers are quite well-entrenched in the soft drink industry; I expect that it would require a significant critical mass to get Pepsi or Coke to produce a mainstream real sugar drink, continuously. But this would be a start!

    I think I’m going to give Jones another try. I tried their cream soda, and it was WAY too sweet, like cotton candy. But maybe their cola or one of the other flavors is better.

  5. I will say that, here in Alexandria, I saw the Pepsi and Mountain Dew “Classics” at the Wal-Mart on HWY 28 in one of the coolers by the registers. They were $1 even. I didn’t realize what it was at the time, so I didn’t think anything of it, but I do believe I will be going there today to stock up.

  6. Look for the Jones Soda brand. They advertise as pure cane sugar, some really cool flavors and the best looking bottles sold.

  7. I’ve contacted Pepsi about whether it’s Cane or beet based and also how people can more easily let them know what they think about this particular product line.

    I’ll also try to get info from Coke regarding the Kosher stuff and post a follow-up article when I get replies back.

  8. And if anyone is interested…CenLamar’s other articles on Sugar:

    https://cenlamar.com/2008/04/01/the-wish-list/ (about HFCS & LA)




    The last three are more about biofuels as an industry and about the viability of the Sugar industry as a future growth opportunity for Louisiana as a new green industry with serious economic potential.

  9. Drew,
    Thanks for posting this. I’ll definitely be making a call to request the products be put in stores full time, and also a few calls to Coke and competing companies to be sure they know how many people want a natural sugar soda.

    Also, thanks for the congrats on the job. How did ya’ll know about it?

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