Once again, thanks for sticking around and putting up with me. Thanks to Drew, Sharon, and Daniel for all of their contributions as writers and to Ryan, Oyster, Chronos, Edtilla, Mung, Darren, Padre Pato, and many others for their comments and support.

As of today, CenLamar has been read by more than 350,000 unique visitors.

6 thoughts

  1. Three years – way to go Lamar. Since finding your website, I have enjoyed reading your articles; they are very well written, and what I like about you is that you tell it like it is, and I always agree with you. You remind me of myself, as I don’t bite my lip when I have something to say.

    Congratulations, my friend, and take care.


  2. Though I don’t comment very often, I go to your site everyday in hopes that there is a new post. Maintaining a blog is not only a hobby, but it is also work. Good job on keeping it up.

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