Make it stop.

The Town Talk printed this today as a legitimate “Guest Commentary” column:

William J. Clinton, Democrat, failed to report when notified by the Draft Board and was the first felon to be elected president (FALSE), was impeached in 1998 for having a liaison with a White House intern, gave “most favored nation trading status” to China and sold them computer technology which aided their intercontinental ballistic missile capability. He drastically reduced U.S. military strength. He and his attorney general Janet Reno killed Americans in Waco, Texas, causing Timothy McVay to blow up a federal building in Oklahoma.

George W. Bush, Republican, prevented more terrorist attacks in our country, supported a comprehensive energy plan involving all types of innovation and exploration, instituted tax cuts, achieved victory for the Iraqi people by overthrowing Saddam Hussein and re-strengthened our military.

Seriously. Our newspaper printed this as a special “guest column.”

1) Bill Clinton is not a convicted felon. That’s a lie. And Gannett printed it as a Most Favored Guest Column.

2) Speaking of a Most Favored status, Bush, Sr. also provided Most Favored Nation status to China. Idiots.

3) Oh and it’s so awesome the paper basically endorsed someone who believes that Janet Reno caused Timothy McVeigh to blow up a federal building.

Boos to the paper for publishing this and then asking us to pay to read it.

It seems like Libuse, Louisiana is a hotbed for wingnuts. Maybe it’s something in the water.

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