Jindal on last Sunday’s Meet the Press:

GOV. JINDAL:  Other spending started out, like the, the magnetic-lev train subsidy started out smaller and ended up larger than what both chambers passed in conference, $8 billion.  You know, now they’re talking about spending billions of that to build a train from Disneyland to Las Vegas.  There was so much wasteful spending here.

Jindal’s Republican response:

…their legislation is larded with wasteful spending. It includes $300 million to buy new cars for the government, $8 billion for high-speed rail projects, such as a “magnetic levitation” line from Las Vegas to Disneyland , and $140 million for something called “volcano monitoring.”

The next day:

After giving one of the biggest speeches in his time as a politician, Gov. Bobby Jindal is heading to Disney World.

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