It appears as if the intersection between Louisiana governors and gambling lobbyists continues to be heavily-trafficked.

picture-22According to Charlie Buras of The Old River Road, Governor Jindal has utilized the support of Alton Ashy, a registered lobbyist for the gambling industry,  in order to travel out-of-state for fundraising events.

Mr. Ashy’s style is currently influenced by “magazines,” and he believes that “watches” are the most important element of fashion. He “splurges” on shoes and coats but “skimps” on jeans. And he can’t live without shaving butter.

Quoting from Buras:

Sources now confirm for us that right before leaving for North Carolina, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s plane became unavailable — forcing him to scramble for alternate transportation.  Shaw Group executive Jeff Jenkins stepped in and coordinated the Governor’s use of a private Cessna Citation from Louisiana Aircraft based out of Baton Rouge.

Interestingly, I emailed Mr. Jenkins this morning and asked him about what I had been hearing.  He forwarded my question to Shaw Director of Corporate Communications Gentry Brann who responded, “Shaw did not provide any transportation to Governor Jindal.”  I guess I should have asked if they helped arrange any transportation.

The private jet, which seats seven, has a cost of $2,500 per hour!  But not to worry — Jindal is not paying a dime.  Rather, Alton Ashy, a fellow passenger on this trip and Louisiana’s top gambling lobbyist, is footing the bill.

A free ride to pick up fundraising checks in a private jet funded by the state’s top gambling lobbyist — now that’s something even ol’ Edwin would be proud of.

All of that said, I personally have no evidence that the dapper Ashy is, in fact, the state’s “top” gambling lobbyist. After all, he can only afford a Cessna Citation.

Louisiana is obviously a State of Gulfstreams, right?

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