From the Huffington Post’s “Bushisms Over the Years.”  As of today, the final, historic Bushism happened right here in Alexandria:

“This thaw _ took a while to thaw, it’s going to take a while to unthaw.” Oct. 20, 2008, in Alexandria, La., as he discussed the economy and frozen credit markets.

See, the frozen credit markets are just like frozen meats. Problem is: The word thaw means basically the same thing as unthaw.

Unfortunately, most people in Alexandria were too distracted watching Air Force One and the Presidential motorcade to actually pay any attention to what the President said while he was here. Turns out, he said something baffling and historic.

4 thoughts

  1. Letterman will be very sad to see Bush go. Who else could produce a gaffe per day over the course of 8 years? SNL will have to dig a little deeper now too.

  2. He came to Alexandria exactly 2,000 days after proclaiming “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq in order to discuss the vitality of “Main Street” economies during the as-yet-unnamed recession.

    He met, in private, with a hand-selected group of businessmen and businesswomen at the local Chamber of Commerce (a private organization).

    It was an incredibly low-key election year visit.

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