Kudos to my friend, colleague, and CenLamar frequent contributor, Dale LeBoeuf– not only for graduating from college last week, but also for the torrent of media coverage he somehow personally received.

Last Thursday, an interview with Dale aired on the 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock news, and this morning, we learned that Dale is now the official face of LSUA.


Although I’m a fan of LSUA’s recent decision to name “The Generals” as their mascot, the LSUA LeBoeufs has a ring to it.

Unfortunately, KALB hasn’t uploaded the video of Dale’s interview, but it goes something like this (not entirely safe for work; contains drug use and profanity):

Actual transcript of Dale’s interview:

“I haven’t really completely figured that out yet. I’ve thought about maybe going to grad school or law school. Right now, I work for the City of Alexandria, so, you know, I might stick around here if they can keep me here.”

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