Earlier today, while browsing the Intertubes, I stumbled across a series of videos entitled “Welcome to Shreveport,” which, for some reason, I believed to be promotional videos for the City of Shreveport (and its film industry). So, being curious about how our neighbors to the North are using the new media to promote themselves, I pressed play.

Turns out: “Welcome to Shreveport” is not a series of dull commercials; it’s actually a highly-inventive, well-written, and slickly-produced comedy series that follows the exploits of two twenty-somethings (Rob Senska and Mindy Bledsoe) in their attempt to become famous movie makers, among other things. It’s similar to the great show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which, as you’ll see, is something the filmmakers seem to acknowledge.

I recommend, endorse, and think most of you will appreciate the series, particularly considering their ability to put all of this together on (what has to be) a very limited budget. And since, so far, the series has only been noticed by a couple of hundred people, I think those of us in the Great State should push up their viewership and help them get noticed.

My personal favorites: One, Two, Four, and Five.

Episode One:






And seven:

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