See this article in the Politico, which describes the dynamics in one of only two major elections still unfinished in the 2008 cycle, Louisiana House District 4 (the other one being the Georgia Senate race between Republican incumbent Saxsby Chambliss and Democratic challenger Jim Martin).

On December 6th, voters in LA-04 will decide between Democrat Paul Carmouche and Republican John Fleming. Carmouche is the respected, long-serving District Attorney of Caddo Parish, a socially and fiscally conservative Democrat, and Fleming is a medical doctor who believes in implementing the FairTax (a 23% national sales tax in lieu of other taxes) and asserts that Iraq should “pay us back” for the war. Fleming, as Politico points out, believes in putting Social Security into the stock market, though he’s recently attempted to flip-flop on this issue.

Quoting from Politico:

The DCCC has spent about $250,000 so far in its attempt to win the seat and has sent scores of field organizers into Louisiana. The committee is also on air, accusing Fleming of supporting Social Security privatization and backing a FairTax proposal that Democrats argue would raise taxes on the middle class.

But the harshest attack in the race has come from the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is accusing Carmouche of being soft on crime because a convicted felon, John Pilinski Jr., was released from prison during Carmouche’s tenure as district attorney.

The accusation has enraged the Carmouche campaign, which argues the ad is intentionally misleading: Carmouche said that he secured a 10-year sentence against Pilinski but that the Caddo Parish clerk’s office accidentally recorded the conviction as being for only a year. Pilinski was released from prison after one year; two weeks later, he was picked up by police after he allegedly attempted to steal an SUV.

“I don’t control the clerk of courts. This was a clerical error,” said Carmouche. “Everyone was surprised when we heard he got out.”

Read: Willie Horton and Lee Atwater. The game may change, but the playbook stays the same.

Fleming makes this personal, attempting to suggest that D.A. Carmouche has actually done a bad job and that he somehow exercises partisan loyalties over the interests of his district.

“If he’s not going to stand up to crime and criminals, how is he going to stand up to the liberal left wing in Congress?” Fleming said.


And also funny because yesterday I received a comment from Drew Nordgren (who wrote under the name CD4Truth) parroting the very same premise.

Drew, I hope the NRCC isn’t paying you, because your footprints, including your DC-based IP address, are everywhere, and instead of appearing to be an ordinary, interested citizen of LA-04, you’ve made it very clear that you’re simply a politically-connected blogger-for-hire. Readers, go ahead and Google his name.

Not much of a surprise, though. Nordgren used to blog for the National Taxpayers Union, which, like Dr. Fleming, advocates in favor of the “FairTax”:

The NTU favors either a Flat Tax or the FairTax (a national sales tax with rebate) for the United States, as opposed to the current income tax system now in use.[2] The organization argues in favor of the line-item veto for the president. [3]

And as a side note to all of the struggling family farmers of District Four:

NTU generally opposes crop subsidies by the government (such as for sugar and ethanol).[4]

The NTU footsoldiers are out in force for Fleming, and though they try to cover their tracks, they leave a telling imprint on the conversation.

One thought

  1. i heard flemming’s “cut-em loose carmouche” commercials, and they left a bad taste in my mouth. it’s one thing to bring up things you feel are relevant that others dont (Rev Wright!), its another thing all together to blend opinion and innuendo to create fact. shameless is a good word.

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