H/t Swing State Project

This was an internal poll done on behalf of the Carmouche campaign by the Kitchens Group:

Paul Carmouche (D): 45
John Fleming (R): 35
(MoE: ±4.0%)


Here it is — the first publicly-released poll of this race. Lots of undecideds here, but Carmouche begins the race with an edge, retaining a 53-16 favorable rating.

A strong field operation will be crucial in this race, as both sides expect that turnout will be poor. We can also expect a fierce air war here — Fleming is a wealthy physician and businessman, and surely he’ll be ponying up more of his own dough in the coming weeks. The NRCC also needs something to crow about, so they’ve reserved $330K in air time on Fleming’s behalf. No word yet on how heavy the DCCC plans to spend here, but they’ve already dropped $77,000 against Fleming over the weekend.

And, in an interesting development in LA-06, in case you missed it, Ryan’s got a smoking gun posted on his website– pictures of Michael Jackson and Bill Cassidy meeting on Friday at a Baton Rouge coffee shop.


One thought

  1. I would not trust any poll conducted by Paul Carmouche’s own campaign! John Fleming’s campaign released a poll that showed him leading by 5pts.

    I think these polls are smoke in mirrors and that we should trust the voters to make the right decision in December.


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