Today, the blogger WayDownSouth introduced America to “Oui On Peut,” a song by a group of Opelousas-based Zydeco musicians. Check it out:


Southwest Louisiana is quite a place —  it’s one of those areas that has fostered an incredible fusion of cultures.  As always when you have such amazing cross-fertilization you find those who recognize and celebrate it as well as those who deny and demean it.  I guess you can tell which camp we’re in!

Barack Obama represents the country that I want my children to grow up in.  He represents an America that sees itself as part of the world community rather than separate from it.  I may not agree with all his politics, 100%, but I know that if we had a chance to sit down he would repsect my opinions and discuss them with me openly and fairly.  (I’d count myself as further to the left than him.)  His promise is, to me, the promise of our country and our world.

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