Kudos to Larry A. Bringol of Alexandria for his pointed letter in The Town Talk to Ms. Kim Knight (a Treasurer for the Louisiana Federation of Republican Women) regarding the candidacy of State Treasurer John Neely Kennedy in his race against Senator Mary Landrieu.

A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Knight wrote a letter to the paper entitled “Kennedy the right choice.” Among other things, Ms. Knight claimed that:

State treasurer, and Senate candidate John (Neely) Kennedy has proven himself on more than one occasion to be frugal and someone who will stick to their convictions even if that means going against the majority.

Which, of course, is a strange statement, particularly considering that Mr. Kennedy, at the pleading of none other than Karl Rove, decided to convert from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party in order to run against Senator Landrieu.

Any objective observer would have to wonder: What does Ms. Knight mean by John Neely Kennedy sticking to his “convictions”? Quoting from Mr. Bringol:

People his age just don’t do complete flips. He’s neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He is an opportunist.

Indeed, it is unfortunate that Mr. Kennedy would place his own personal ambition over his commitment to completing the job to which the people of Louisiana elected him, a job that Mr. Kennedy had said only a year ago was not yet finished.

Ms. Knight also apparently does not like Senator Landrieu’s success in delivering funds to her own State:

It is no secret that our nation is digging itself into a ridiculous amount of debt. This being common knowledge , and Sen. Landrieu at one point being labeled “co-porker of the month” by Citizens Against Government Waste, offers all the more evidence for her lack of concern for our best interests.

Please note: Citizens Against Government Waste is an organization fronted by a close McCain supporter and a man who shared a cell as a POW with the Senator in Vietnam (which may explain why Mr. McCain receives flying marks). From The Washington Post:

Formed in 1984, CAGW has long promoted McCain’s image as a taxpayer advocate. Since 2006, the nonprofit’s board of directors has included Orson Swindle, who also works on veterans issues as a volunteer for the McCain campaign.

CAGW has a lobbying arm, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, that has twice supported McCain for president. Its PAC has donated $11,000 in cash to McCain or a PAC under his control since 2004 — 20 times as much cash as it has given any other candidate, records show.

The McCain campaign said that it did not coordinate with CAGW on the group’s ads about the tanker deal and that Swindle played no role in initiating the attack on Northrop’s opponents. “One campaign staffer called CAGW to ask for information about what CAGW had said in the past on the issue, and was told that CAGW had a policy of not talking to the campaign. That was the end of the conversation,” spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker said in a statement.

Swindle is a friend of McCain who shared a cell with him as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He did not respond to requests for comment.

Ms. Knight conveniently left this out, instead implying that Senator Landrieu’s successful efforts at securing funding for our State (still ravaged by hurricane damage) amounts to “pork.”

I’ve never understood how any Louisianan could protest the allocation of much-needed funding to our State, particularly as many of those who protest still support, as a national candidate, Governor Palin of Alaska.

Let’s be honest about this: Louisiana produces and delivers far more oil and energy than Alaska, yet Alaskans literally receive an annual income from oil companies, more than $1500 per person per year.

We have a lot of work to do here. We need to raise some awareness. Mr. Bringol says it well:

Her (Kim Knight) apparent dissatisfaction with Mary Landrieu, the incumbent, comes from her having brought a lot of federal dollars into the state for projects Ms. Knight deemed unnecessary. Louisiana is already one of the poorest states in the union, and Ms. Knight seemingly wants us to be even poorer. If we don’t grab what we can, when we can, we will get nothing. None of Blanche Dubois’ kind strangers are going to send us alms. They are too busy grabbing pork for their own states.

And again, with all due respect to Ms. Knight, I don’t believe it is appropriate or fair to criticize Senator Landrieu simply because she delivered money to our State.

I understand Ms. Knight had lived in Houston for awhile, as had I.  And I hope– now that she has been back in our Great State for a few consecutive years– that she’d appreciate our needs and demands, as well as the need to elect a Senator who would place his or her State above partisan divisiveness.

2 thoughts

  1. “proven himself on more than one occasion to be frugal and someone who will stick to their convictions”

    Interesting that she is using the plural pronoun ‘their’ rather than the personal pronoun ‘his’ convictions.
    Interesting, but considering the multiplicity of his ‘convictions’ very apt.

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