Throughout the next two months, I will attempt to provide a counter-argument against the most egregiously partisan and most factually inaccurate letters approved for publication in our local paper of record The Town Talk. I begin this morning with a refutation of George Bennett, Sr’s letter entitled “McCain a man of integrity.”


Were it not for the pitiful ignorance and utter stupidity of many American citizens, the 2008 presidential election would be fodder for a Hollywood comedy — a belly-laughing hilarious satire. Snoop Dog (sp) and Bruce Willis could play the major roles.

Mr. Bennett is suggesting that if only we all weren’t so stupid and ignorant, then we would be able to recognize how much better the Presidential race would be as a major motion picture, as long as it was a comedy starring Snoop Dog (sp; Dogg is spelled with the double g) as Barack Obama and Bruce Willis as John McCain. (Note to George: Next time, proofread for clarity, unless you’re actually, purposely attempting to offend the entire nation).

To be honest, I can’t envision Snoop and Bruce starring in the same movie, but it is pretty obvious what Mr. Bennett is implying: Snoop Dogg (with all due respect to him) is, in Mr. Bennett’s view, the archetype of the popular, superficial “gangsta,” a persona can that appeal universally but is ultimately a “bad actor,” whereas Bruce Willis is the soft-spoken white guy “hero”.

In case you were wondering, yes, I find the whole construction incredibly offensive, narrow-minded, and one step short of racist (though I am sure others will rightfully disagree with me and say that he’s two steps ahead).

Just think — and I know that’s quite a challenge for some of you liberals — about what the Greatest Generation must think about how their election is being manipulated by the mainstream (leftist) media.

On one hand, the Democrats audaciously presented their voters with the choice of an ex-hippie (sp) pot-smoking (sp) socialist (sp) anarchist spouse of the most corrupt man (sp) who ever held the office of president, and a totally inexperienced Muslim-raised (sp) talking head with a resume of zero.

No offense to my friends at the paper, but you guys must be desperate to fill up space. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining, and I know this guy writes on your blog.

But plain and simple, this is defamatory. It may be folksy defamation, written by some clever white guy from Libuse, but give all of your readers a break and attempt to appeal to some common sense of honesty, equality, and decency.

I mean, Gannett published this. They’re the same folks who publish USA Today.

The Republic (sp) nominee is the son and grandson of U.S. Navy admirals, a Vietnam war hero who spent five-plus tortuous years in a North Vietnamese prison when he could have opted to be set free but would not do so without his fellow prisoners also being released.

John McCain is a veteran of many years of public service in Congress and has shown his ability to work across party lines to get things accomplished. Hi (sp) is a man of integrity.

Yes, all of this was a preface to lead into Bruce Willis’s John McCain’s biography. (Parentheticals mine).

The Democratic candidate has promised higher taxes of all kinds (1), doesn’t want to utilize this country’s ability to eliminate foreign oil dependence (2), wants to totally ruin the best health-care system in the entire world (3), would sit down with the most depraved of despots (4) and would extend and begin social programs that would make FDR look like a tightwad (5).

1) Total lie

2) Total lie

3) Total lie

4) George, come on:

5) Not sure what FDR would look like.

In short, the 2008 presidential election should be a no-brainer.

Consider what the Democrat-controlled Congress hasn’t done since gaining the majority. Who do we as Americans want to fill the two or three upcoming vacancies on the Supreme Court? Do you want a strong military? Do you believe in personal achievement or handouts from taxpayers? Are you swayed by political promises are (sp) by a lifetime of successful public service?

There is but one choice in this election. We must have a man of unquestionable integrity as the leader of the United States. That man is Sen. John McCain.

In all honesty, George, this is the worst endorsement letter for any candidate I have ever read (You somehow manage to look superficial, racist, dishonest, and superfluous all at the same time. Even my Republican buddies are deeply offended).

I doubt you’ll ever be able to understand why it is so offensive, but hey, at least you can always try your hand at movie reviews.

4 thoughts

  1. I used to poke fun at your comments Lamar. Honestly, I do not know what to think anymore regarding this election. From now on I’m gonna sit back and stay on mute. My family are uber-republicans and they were flabbergasted with that dudes letter. I re-tract everything negative I’ve said here. Take Care

  2. I guess you don’t remember the Daily Reveille at LSu. They print anything to stir up comments and interest. It gets some folks to actually read the rag. You’re ruining the plan by blogging about it. Write a response to be published in their medium.

  3. Nigel, your contributions are always welcome, even when you disagree with me.

    And Mung, I didn’t attend LSU, but I know what you mean. That said, I have the highest admiration for the Opinions editor, and I don’t want to give her any more of a headache by contributing to the absurdity.

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