Apparently, the filing deadline was September 2nd, and both Bob Barr (the Libertarian) and Brian Moore (the Socialist) didn’t “file their electors” on time.

One small problem, though: The Secretary of State’s Office was closed from September 2nd through September 5th due to Hurricane Gustav. To be fair, the Secretary’s Office did extend the deadline, but it’s not clear whether or not they actually told anyone about the extension.

So when Bob Barr filed on September 10th and Brian Moore followed suit a day later, both men were denied a spot on the Presidential ballot.

Now they’re suing:

On September 13, the Libertarian Party and the Socialist Party filed a lawsuit to get their presidential candidates on the Louisiana ballot. Libertarian Party et al v Dardenne. Lawsuits can be filed on weekends in some U.S. District Courts, via electronic filing. The case number is not known yet. Both parties were late filing their presidential electors. The lawsuit argues that since the Secretary of State’s office was closed the week of September 2-5, and since the state has postponed its congressional primary until October, due to hurricanes, the state should also have extended the filing deadline. The state did permit filing on September 8, but did not post this notice on its web page. The Libertarian filing was on September 10 and the Socialist filing was on September 11.

Now, I know this may come as a surprise to my friends on the local Republican blog who think I am a socialist, but I’ve never heard of Brian Moore before (his webpage reminds me of Geocities circa 1996).

I am, however, familiar with Bob Barr, the former Georgia Congressman who, believe it or not, is polling around 1%-3% nationwide (about the same as perennial candidate Ralph Nader).

By the way, those socialists are so mad they’re even taking up for Barr. (H/t to the Dead Pelican):

Moore stated that this action by the state of Louisiana is not only an “attempted disenfranchisement of the state’s socialist-leaning voters,” but was also an obvious attempt by Gov. Jindal and Secretary Dardenne, both of whom are Republicans, “to protect John McCain and the GOP from the Libertarian Party’s Bob Barr and other alternative candidates.” Moore also noted that Gov. Jindal, “a rising star in the GOP,” had been on McCain’s short list of vice-presidential possibilities.  “These guys are using a natural disaster to keep Bob Barr and myself off the ballot,” Moore stated.  “After Katrina, one would think the last thing they’d want to do is to take political advantage of another hurricane.  It’s unconscionable.”

The Socialist Party’s presidential ticket received 1,795 votes in Louisiana in 2004, finishing sixth in a nine-candidate field.  This year the party hopes to be on the ballot in at least ten states — the most since 1952.  The Libertarian Party’s Bob Barr, who has already been certified for the ballot in forty-four states, had been registering as high as six percent in national polls earlier this summer and is seen as a real threat to McCain’s prospects in November.

Sorry about the socialistic typeset. For some reason, socialistic WordPress won’t let me fix it.

2 thoughts

  1. This is the future of our country’s leadership that is being toyed with, not a petty argument over deadlines, all should have the right to vote for whom they wish regardless of ballot recognition. Isn’t that a main staple of our country that separates us from other countries. Narrowing down candidates even to three when there are other viable candidates supported isn’t any different than narrowing them down to one.

  2. I hope that the court rules in favor of Barr and Moore. The refusal of the Secretary of State’s Office does nothing but limit the options of candidates that the Louisiana voter has to choose from. I cannot help but think that there may be dirty politics evolved here.

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