My heart goes out to all of the family and friends of Katie Moore of Alexandria, who passed away yesterday while awaiting a bilateral lung transplant.

Katie, who was only 22 years old, suffered from cystic fibrosis.

She shared her incredible journey on her blog, Katie’s Miracle. Her last entry was posted on Thursday.

I will update as more information becomes available.

Update: Katie was honored this afternoon in a beautiful ecumenical service.

3 thoughts

  1. Yes, this is very sad. Many people in our church knew and loved her and her family. We are saying prayers for you Moore family. May God fill you with peace at this difficult time.

  2. What is doubly sad is that even in today’s America, incredible human beings like Katie Moore are consistently refused health care coverage and insurance, as apparently she was.

    In a compassionate and fair country, people who suffer from conditions like cystic fibrosis should be given access to coverage.

    This is one of the greatest moral failings of modern America– the insult of having your disabled child being denied access to health care and insurance based on their pre-existing condition and then the struggle to pay for those costs, while you’re attempting to care for your child.

    Again, my heart goes out to this remarkable family. On a personal note, your daughter was an inspiration to me and my family, and we will cherish the memories we have of her for the rest of our lives.

    I highly encourage people to give a donation in Katie’s memory to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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