And business is back to “normal.”

If you know someone who is still without cable or Internet, they can call Suddenlink at 318-640-2892.

Also, if you or someone you know has a bunch of tree limbs down in their yard, please remember to place them on the curb for pick-up. These folks are working sunrise to sundown in order to clean up the City.

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  1. “These folks are working sunrise to sundown in order to clean up the City.”

    Yes, my co-workers are working long hours and everyone is exhausted. Thanks for recognizing us in your blog. I cried Wednesday when I saw “The Calvary” had come and had filled the Salley’s and Lincoln parking lots full of their trucks. I even took time on my way to the compound this morning to thank a bunch of the electrical contractors that were in the Walgreen’s parking lot. Being from Texas, they all smiled and said, “Thank you, ma’am, we’re glad to be hear to help ya’ll.” It was a nice way to start another crazy day.

  2. Lamar, … we just got power about two hours ago … we were fortunate to have gotten a generator to keep food from going bad… if you know of an elderly citizen(s) that need one at their home I am happy to lend it to them and set it up.

    This is a great place to live … and for the record (one more time) , We need a regional vision plan for when we become the next BR … only better! This will happen again … “New World New Orleans”

  3. Padre, I am still borrowing the Internet from a good friend. For the record, the City of Alexandria restored power two days ago. I was in the dark for two days, which was still better than how I faired during Rita. I know I am biased, but I think the response was commendable. Still, though, I’m waiting on the cable company.

    It’s also worth noting that if the cable company tells you– like they told me– that they’re still waiting on the “electric company” (i.e. the City), then explain to them that you have power and your neighborhood has/is being cleared of debris.

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