Alexandria has been named as one of the official evacuation cities, which means that things are a little hectic around here. I flew in this afternoon with a few Red Cross volunteers and a crew from Mercy Air. It’s good to know that Americans are responding preemptively this time, and it’s heartwarming to see people from all across the country fly into Louisiana to volunteer for disaster recovery.

We can only hope that Gustav calms down before he makes landfall.

The models they’re projecting right now don’t look good for us; even those of us in the so-called “Safe Zone” in Alexandria are likely to get our fair share of the storm.

But we’re prepared.

Some of my good friends are on their way up from New Orleans and Lafayette. We’ll be braving the storm here at my house. I feel like we JUST went through this.

It’s somewhat deflating to have returned from the DNC, which was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, only to be confronted with the nightmarish spectacle of another hurricane looming beneath our coastline. Yesterday in Denver, most of the folks from Louisiana spent their entire day making plans and getting mentally prepared for another excruciating evacuation.

I gotta say this too: A few people– obviously people not from Louisiana or the Gulf Coast– have been (almost gleefully) speculating on the impact this could have on the Republican National Convention.
I know what Ashley Morris would have said to them (Link to the acronym dictionary, which totally bungles the acronym), and frankly, we all feel the same way. (I anticipate Ryan at the Daily Kingfish may have some more to say about this).

5 thoughts

  1. But patron Saint of the Loony Left, Michael Moore thinks this is just great news!

    How can you filled with the Holy Sprint of “The One” served at the Denver pilgrimage and drinking deep of the Kool-Aid of the Left doubt the word of Saint Michael…Hurricanes are God’s judgment on the Rethugs.


  2. Dear SteveO in Dallas,

    Michael Moore’s comments about Gustav are disgusting and deplorable, and they deserve to be condemned.

    I have to say, though, that politics is not a religion, and I think it’s pernicious to couch a political criticism in the language of religion. I know you’re just following your prescribed talking points, but maybe you should actually think about the implications of what you’re saying. You may think you’re being clever, but to me, it sounds like you’re mocking religion.

    In many ways, you’re just as guilty as Moore is of using the language of religion as a vehicle to mock people who disagree with you.

  3. Wow, Lamar, I didn’t realize you had achieved sainthood at such an early age. Moore’s remarks speak for themselves, just as those of the far-out evangelicals do.
    I enjoyed your coverage from Denver.

  4. Jim, thanks. We had a blast. I don’t think SteveO was referring to me as a Saint; I think he was referring to Michael Moore.

    Either way, I wonder what the “Holy Sprint” is.

  5. I see that now, I mis-read it. I have a sprint phone; when I get ‘dropped’ from now on I’ll say ‘Holy Sprint’ instead of ‘Holy . . . . “

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