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  1. what is interesting is how they are different–notice the dark halo in mccain’s (as seen in the shot above), which indeed pervades the whole commercial, to suggest (in my opinion) an encroaching danger, which in turn creates fear. (also, the colors in mccain’s are pretty surreal; i’m not sure what that’s about.)

  2. I guess all CGI renderings of windmills in the midwest will share certain similarities, but it’s almost like they hired the same ad agency.

    And DB, you’re definitely right: McCain’s ad was mainly negative in tone and hue.

  3. actually, i thought they were using the same stock footage (not necessarily filmed in america)–i didn’t realize they were cgi. it wouldn’t be the first time that kind of thing would happen though. now, whether one candidate might be deliberately mimicking the other, that’s another question…

  4. I support fake windmills as part of a fake energy policy to make fake improvements to the fake lives of the “American” people.

    Don’t look at me. Boudillard and Derrida made me say that.

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