Considering I haven’t seen this anywhere in the local media, I think it’s worth reporting that, yesterday, local attorney Beth Foote was sworn in as the President of the Louisiana Bar Association in a ceremony that included Senator Mary Landrieu as well as a special message from my good friend (and Beth’s son) Paul Foote, who is currently living in London and working for the House of Lords.

Kudos to Mrs. Foote and her entire family for this great honor.

3 thoughts

  1. And on the same day, the OTHER Beth Foote (sister-in-law to the new Bar President) was ordained an Episcopal priest in San Francisco, in the Diocese of California. I have the honor of being married to Rev. Beth, and brother-in-law to the other!

  2. Yes, your brother married well. Beth is a fabulous person, and an excellent attorney. She has served the Bar well for many years, and will do a great job as president.

  3. Thanks, Lamar, for the kind words. I will do my best. Beth Foote (the Louisiana one, not the california one – who, let me add, is one great lady!)

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