Update: Ryan has the transcript of Obama’s incredible speech here.

Tonight, millions of Americans– indeed, millions of people throughout the world– are celebrating the victory of Senator Barack Obama.

He has become the first African-American in the history of our country to secure the nomination of a major political party.

This is, in fact, a historic day. His nomination not only speaks to the capacity of this country to look beyond race in determining who is most capable to lead, it’s also an indication of a forthcoming referendum for real and profound change.

To my Republican friends, you can obsess over your premature polling data all you want to, but Louisiana is going to be incredibly competitive, no matter who McSame chooses as his Vice President.

Louisiana has the second highest per capita population of African-Americans in the country, and this is an important and historic election, likely to dramatically affect voter turn-out. In Louisiana, there are significantly more registered Democrats than registered Republicans. Mitch Landrieu actually received more votes in his race for Lieutenant Governor than Bobby Jindal did in his race for Governor, and both races, for all intents and purposes, were not competitive.

There’s a reason McCain chose New Orleans as a staging ground to “distance himself from President Bush.”

If there is any place in the nation that represents the real need for change- both political and ideological- on the federal level, it is Louisiana. If there is any place in the nation that illustrates the failures of the Bush administration– the cold, calculated distance, a dumbfounded President gazing unsympathetically from the window of Air Force One– it is Louisiana.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Carolinas can dramatically change the electoral math.

(Later: Why Barack Obama Can Win Louisiana)

12 thoughts

  1. i thought his answer to the question “what is sin?” was a slip of the tongue. after hearing some of his speech last nite i truly believe he thinks he is the 2nd coming. i use to joke that hillary was the anti-Christ, but i know i am pretty sure its barack hussein obama.

  2. Are you crazy? Obama doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning Louisiana. If he did, then 5 of the 7 committed Louisiana superdelegates wouldn’t have already cast their support to Hillary Clinton.

    Also, you might want to update you demographic information concerning blacks and Louisiana — the state’s demographics have changed significantly since 2005. A lot of those people you speak of have new homes in Atlanta, Houston, and Jackson, Mississippi.

  3. Obama WON the Louisiana primary. Not Hillary Clinton. I can’t explain why those superdelegates pledged their support toward Mrs. Clinton, but their support is certainly not a reflection of the results of the Louisiana primary.

    I love how some Republicans like to talk about this mythical diaspora of tens if not hundreds of thousands of African-Americans. I have looked at the numbers, and you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

    The truth is: Senator Obama absolutely can win Louisiana. He can win New Orleans. He can win Alexandria (5,500 votes in the LA Democratic primary ain’t bad for a city our size). He can win Monroe. With the right ground operation, he can win Baton Rouge. He can win Shreveport.

    McCain will be able to pull off some victories in rural parishes and the suburbs, and he can probably win Lafayette and Lake Charles. But Obama’s going to fare well in Louisiana’s urban areas– the places in which most people in this State live.

    All of this weird fear-mongering that you guys typically put out is not going to work this time. Americans are sick and tired of Rovian politics.

    And dlc, what you witnessed last night wasn’t someone who believes he is the second-coming, you witnessed an incredible moment in the history of our country.

  4. hello love you very much and we will give you all that we have, you are the best in the history of America wish you all the best of luck.

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