I’m in Dallas for my sister’s graduation, and the only cable news channel at the hotel here is Fox. Less than an hour after the story broke, Fox correspondents were referring to Senator Kennedy in the past tense, discussing his weight, and digging up Chappaquiddick. 

Kennedy is a giant in American history and given the nature of this story (and the fact that, at the time, Fox had absolutely no idea what was going on), I’d hope they would confer a little more respect. Certainly, he deserves it. 

My late father always liked telling a story about bumping into the Senator in Capitol Hill and how gracious and kind he was. 

Incidentally, Vickie Kennedy– the Senator’s wife– is a native of Louisiana and the daughter of a prominent Louisiana judge, Edmund M. Reggie.  


4 thoughts

  1. “Prominent Louisiana judge, Edmund M. Reggie” — now that’s a real slick way to refer to a crook in a family that seems to have done not much more than repeatedly dredge up the scum and stench of corrupt Louisiana politics. Get over your offense to the Kennedy references on FOX News. Have you ever heard what’s been said about Tony Snow, Dick Cheney, and George Bush himself on the left-wing blogs? References to Chappaquiddick and Kennedy being overweight are benign by comparison. What’s your point?

  2. Why should I get over Fox’s treatment of what was, at the time, a breaking news story?

    Is it because some crazies on the Internet have said repellent things about Bush, Cheney, and Snow? Seriously?

    You’re comparing the mainstream, corporate, international media treatment of a story with things said on left-wing blogs.

    And how exactly are Fox’s comments benign in comparison? Please elaborate.

  3. L-

    It’s Mike, Channel 5. I’m disgusted with the media as a whole. Pertaining to Ted Kennedy, I don’t understand why everyone gets so ga-ga over him. Well, yes I do. It’s because he’s a Kennedy.

    “Get Well Soon” you say.

    I can’t bring myself to respect a man who left a young girl to die– in a sinking car– while he stumbled away drunk into the night. A political giant- yes. Has he done a lot of good for the Cape Cod National Seashore {where I vacation and where my grandmother lives}- yes. BUT, his party boy personna, killed an innocent woman. And he barely got a slap on the wrist.

    Wonder what the family of Mary Jo Kopechne thinks about all this?

    Keep up the good work on your blog. Thanks for letting me chime in.

  4. It’s been four years, so I can say this now: Mike from KALB, when you lived in Alexandria, you drove drunk; you got a DWI, and as a result, you received little more than a slap on the wrist. Idiot.

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