A few days ago, Mandeville Republican and rare coin dealer Paul Hollis announced his candidacy for the United States Senate on — fittingly– CoinNews.net, referring to himself as “nationally-known,” which will definitely prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hollis will be challenging John N. Kennedy, who he refers to as a “perennial candidate,” for the Republican nomination, the winner of which will face Senator Mary Landrieu in the fall.

Hollis describes himself in the third person (The article was posted by Paul Hollis Rare Coins):

Hollis began collecting coins at the age of six after receiving a Peace dollar from his grandmother. In recent years, millions of viewers watched him on air when he hosted “The Coin Vault” television program on the Shop at Home network, and he also is known by many collectors and dealers from his earlier work as chief numismatist at Blanchard and Company in New Orleans.

Paul, I hate to break it to you, but “The Coin Vault” was not exactly nationally known or popular, which is probably why it was canceled in 2006. (It took me awhile to figure this out, as a Google search for “The Coin Vault” yields few topical results).

This primary election will be about the most important issues facing Louisiana (right?), which is why Hollis’s campaign committee features so many notable numismatists (right?):

A number of prominent numismatists are on his campaign committee, such as John Albanese, Jeff Garrett, Paul Montgomery and Douglas Winter.

I wonder what he thinks about the gold standard.

Apparently, Hollis will be officially announcing later this week, but the opening shots have been fired… on CoinNews.

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