“Friends of Michael Jackson” (the State Rep, not the King of Pop) Attempted to Suppress African-American Voter Turn-Out.

For the first time since 1974, Louisiana’s Sixth Congressional District is represented by a Democrat, Don Cazayoux of New Roads.

Congratulations to Representative-Elect Cazayoux and to his entire team. They ran an effective and professional campaign, and they helped to dispel some myths and misconceptions about the good people of Louisiana’s Sixth District.

Early on, the experts all seemed to agree that a Democrat stood very little chance of winning, but Mr. Cazayoux proved them wrong by building a working and enthusiastic coalition of both Democrats and Republicans.


Ryan at the Daily Kingfish provides an excellent series of articles and posts on this election. Kudos to him and to all of the bloggers who helped raise both money and awareness for this important race.

But don’t rest on your laurels quite yet… we’ve got to do this all over again in November.

And this is somewhat bizarre:

On election day, a number of homes in Baton Rouge’s predominantly black neighborhoods were phoned with a tape-recorded message asking black voters to teach white Democrats a lesson by staying home and not casting ballots.

The ad signed off as “Friends of Michael Jackson.”

Jackson, a Democratic state representative defeated by Cazayoux in the primary runoff, said he was not involved or connected in any way with the calls. Jackson said he will run for the seat in November.

State Democratic Party Chairman Christopher Whittington said the calls violated election law, and the party would take appropriate action against whoever was responsible.

Michael Jackson, with friends like yours, who needs enemies?

Does anyone really think the Obama or Clinton campaign (more than likely, the Obama campaign) will reach out and help someone whose “friends” attempted to suppress African-American turn-out in order to “teach white Democrats a lesson”? Pitiful.

Jackson must believe that an Obama candidacy will lead to an increased African-American turn-out, which would benefit him, an African-American, at defeating Don Cazayoux, a white man.

Of course, this type of political maneuvering and racial essentialization is completely antithetical to Obama’s message.

Obama would be wise to recognize that Cazayoux is, in fact, the first Democrat elected in the Sixth District since 1974, and that means something about his coalition and his message. And considering the Republican Party already attempted to attack Cazayoux by way of Obama (and it backfired), the two are already loosely associated in voter’s minds. Not to mention, Jackson would be challenging as an Independent.

According to the folks over at DailyKos, this makes Cazayoux a superdelegate.

7 thoughts

  1. State Sen. Lydia Jackson of Shreveport is considering running as an independent in the 4th. Longtime DA Paul Carmouche, a Democrat, has a real chance to take this seat, but she could put it solidly back into Republican hands.

  2. Interesting. Earlier today, I was wondering what warped logic Michael Jackson must be following, and lo and behold, Dr. Jeff Sadow provides the entire run-down for us:

    “From black politicians’ standpoint, Cazayoux will be easier to knock off than Jenkins would have been in the fall. Jackson plans to run again but as an independent and to make that work he has to have a white Democrat to siphon off enough white votes in a three-contest to win. Had Cazayoux lost, he well may not have tried it again because in November in this district that election will better favor a Republican or a black Democrat.
    Another factor will make that easier, although it won’t be pursued by Jackson, and that will be especially true if Sen. Barack Obama is the nominee as seems likely. That works against Cazayoux in two ways: when not blasting Jenkins, Cazayoux trumpeted some socially conservatives preference of his to obscure his overall political liberalism but being tied to Obama’s social liberalism will negate that, and that Obama’s presence on the Democrat ticket will dissuade white for voting for Cazayoux and encourage blacks to vote for Jackson if he runs.”

    The word of this election will be “essentialization” (a neologism, to be sure).

    What is essentialization?

    “The assumption that the group or groups studied are an already constituted, coherent group with identical interests, desires, cognitive properties, etc.; identified prior to analysis as socially or biologically homogenous.”

    Dr. Ana Martinez Aleman
    Boston College School of Education

    Professor Sadow assumes to understand the prerogatives and perspective (singular) of the “black politician” and makes the universal assumption that this election in Louisiana will be divided along racial lines. “Obama’s presence on the democratic ticket will dissuade white (sp) from voting for Cazayoux,” Sadow writes.

    We’ll see about that…..

  3. “I was wondering what warped logic Michael Jackson must be following,”

    If you want to understand warped logic, Sadow’s your man.

  4. Having spent 44 of my 45 years in BR, here’s my take, FWIW:

    It will be interesting to see who the GOP will run against Cazayoux in November. With Jenkins out to pasture, they might find a rising star that comes without Jenkins’ baggage.

    In this race, the GOP had to play ball with Jenkins. He’s still a very active GOP organizer. He was not going to sit aside quietly. Bringing new talent to run against Jenkins would have likely damaged the new talent.

    Jenkins’ base is mostly North Baton Rouge and the northern parts of EBR. He plays well to evangelicals and the relatively affluent working class that has presently found a home in the GOP.

    Jenkins’ base is shrinking as North Baton Rouge and Baker have become blacker and poorer.

    However, District 06’s GOP strength and most of its financial support now comes from the South Baton Rouge country-clubber set. Jenkins has never played well to that audience.

    When Rolfe McCollister, publisher of the Baton Rouge Business Report, refuses to endorse a GOP candidate, he’s in big trouble.

    Cazayoux will have quite a challenge if the GOP fields a candidate that country clubber and working class Republicans alike can support. Watch for Lane Grigsby, the GOP character assassin, to bring more negative ads.

    I hope we can keep this seat, but it will be a battle. If the Democrat base becomes discouraged by slim prospects for a Dem victory in LA, the base may be hard to motivate.

    My $0.02.

  5. Paul Sawyer or Laurinda Calongne. Laurinda actually lives in the Country Club of Louisiana. Paul was Baker’s Chief of Staff. Hunter Greene may also want to run.

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