In the parallel universe of Lee Fletcher and his Town Hall Show, Senator David Vitter is making the people of Louisiana proud by doing what we elected him to do. Fletcher informs us:

He (Vitter) has support from all over Louisiana for his re-elect and is continuing to do the job he was elected to do. In one recent poll conducted in another senate race, Senator Vitter had solid re-elect numbers at well over 60%. His numbers increase significantly when specific issues like cutting taxes, support for our military, Vitter’s strong pro life stance and his strong stand against illegal immigration are mentioned.

I suppose that Fletcher is referencing some sort of internal poll conducted by John N. Kennedy’s campaign. This is troubling for Mr. Kennedy, because whoever is conducting a poll that suggests Vitter could be re-elected by “well over 60%” is clearly not living in reality and should not be compensated for this type of soothsaying.

Fletcher goes on the attack against Democratic Party Chairman, calling him a “failure,” a “self-promoter,” “ineffective,” “irrelevant,” and “incompetent,” but only after he decries the way in which Whittington “is a hater who is the poster child for the worst kind of hate politics.” Fletcher then says Whittington is a “weak-minded, lock-step attack dog.”


I guess they’re thinking that if you just pile on Chris Whittington, voters will somehow completely forget about Vitter’s on-going prostitution scandal– a scandal that has forced Vitter into pleading the fifth amendment in the D.C. Madam trial. It’s a scandal that just won’t go away. And now, anytime another politician gets caught in a similar predicament (i.e. Larry Craig and Eliot Spitzer), the media can’t help but reference our junior Senator.

By the way, I think I am going to enjoy referencing this post in the future.

Remember, on Sunday, April 13, 2008, Lee Fletcher announced to the Great State that David Vitter “has solid re-elect numbers at well over 60%.”


Update: Earlier tonight, The Daily Kingfish reported the results of a Rasmussen poll on the Landrieu/Kennedy race.

The results are:



Very Favorable



Somewhat Favorable



Somewhat Unfavorable



Very Unfavorable



Not sure









Not sure


3 thoughts

  1. Intelligent voters in Louisiana will consider more important matters when they go to the polls at re-election time than a Senator’s love life. The fact of the matter is that Senator Vitter has done good things for the Louisiana citizens he represents. One need only to review his congressional voting record and the bills that he has sponsored to see that. Democrats were certainly singing a different tune about the importantance the sexual habits of politicians when Bill Clinton was in office and the shoe was on the other foot. It seems that Democrats now want to get on a moral high horse now that it suits their own purposes. Its sad that some claiming to be well informed in politics don’t take time to look at the hard documented congressional facts before going on the attack. Those of us who are most concerned about the Senator’s job performance aren’t letting tabloid like gossip and smear campaigns distract us from the important issues. We choose not to let ourselves be told how to think by the liberal propoganda machine.

  2. “It seems that Democrats now want to get on a moral high horse now that it suits their own purposes.”

    And the Republicans didn’t do that when the Eliot Spitzer story broke? Politics is what it is, and when a so-called ‘family values’ senator, and an arrogant one at that, is caught running with whores there will be, pardon the expression, blowback.
    P. S. Bill Clinton wasn’t convicted, is no longer president, so maybe it’s time to get over that one.

  3. I just don’t see what accomplishments Republicans are so proud of Vitter for accomplishing.

    He seems like more of a political animal than a policy animal, and the whole prostitution scandal has really undermined his ability to build a broad consensus on any piece of legislation with his name on it.

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