Tibet is an issue very close to the writers of CenLamar.

I received a degree in Religious Studies, with a “concentration,” if you will, in Buddhism, particularly Vajrayana Buddhism. (And no, believe me, I make no claims at being a Buddhologist).

Last year, Daniel, an Asian Studies major, taught English to a class of Tibetan students in rural China.

His brother Michael, who also has a degree in Religious Studies and who is a regular contributor to the blog, is fluent in the Tibetan language and is currently (once again) living in and touring around Asia.

All three of us have studied under the great Dr. Anne C. Klein as well as Dr. Jeffrey Kripal, and all three of us are well-versed in the political and religious history of Tibet.

Given the recent protests, throughout the next few days, CenLamar will focus exclusively on the issue of Tibet.

We will be exploring what- exactly- it means to “save Tibet,” on both political and personal levels.

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