I first heard the acronym KISS from a physics professor at Northwestern. I had come home for the summer and was knocking out a few core requirements through their 3-week summer courses. This guy teaching the class was a bit crazy but a really great teacher. He had to deal with people taking science classes that just were absolutely not cut out for critical thinking. So that said, he was probably much more sane than the rest of us.

When a student was just really over complicating things he would tell them KISS — Keep it simple, stupid!

Ok, not the most politically correct statement, but he had a point. Since then I’ve heard this over and over again usually as either ‘Keep it Short and Simple’ or “Short and Sweet”. No matter what words you choose, the idea is the same — good outcomes come from simple, straightforward, and to the point ideas that use easy to attain, easy to implement plans to make things happen.

I absolutely believe that this is the mindset we need for successful development here in Cenla. I’m really tired of every new idea requiring studies, and conferences, and committees, and consultants, and millions of dollars and wasted years for something that otherwise should be a really simple idea.

Half the time when (and if) a project ever does come to fruition it’s been so many years since it was originally discussed that we think it’s something completely new. As my British friends would say — Bollocks!

I believe the core of progressive development in a community of our size lies in the hands of the people. Not to say we can do everything. There is certainly quite a bit that must be done at the government level. However we can do a lot!

I plan to post a series of threads on here under the KISS topic. They will be ideas for simple improvements we can make — for development of our economy and community that really needs very little help from the powers that be.

This is my call to action to you Cenla — let’s keep it simple, straight-forward, short and sweet, and make some positive changes happen!

I hope you will all comment on my ideas, and I would like to be able to showcase any ideas of others out there. So if you have an idea for something that is short, sweet, and something you’re interested in making happen yourself — send me an email ward at lexiconbusiness dot com (sorry bot safety).

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