Notice that yet again Alexandria seems somewhere outside of the loop…

I doubt this is any fault of our local development team, but more likely an effort organized by Shreveport, NOLA, and Lafayette. Lafayette has never really enjoyed the idea that Alexandria as a metro area is very close to the same size as it is. But mainly this is probably a case of cities with much higher development budgets working together to ensure they get as many pieces of this film pie as possible. If you get a chance visit these guys’ website facebook, etc and flood them with messages “encouraging” them to include Alexandria…

From the Times-Picayune

Los Angeles Louisiana Film Industry Network aims to boost productions for Louisiana

Posted by Roberta Carrow-Jackson March 17, 2008 1:19PM

Categories: Entertainment Business

Filmmaker Christopher C. Brown introduces the Los Angeles Louisiana Film Industry Network, based in Hollywood, CA, to aid the Louisiana film industry.This group is for Los Angeles based writers, directors, producers, actors, etc. hailing from or wishing to work or create films in the state of Louisiana, particularly in the cities of Shreveport, New Orleans, and Lafayette. Louisiana currently ranks third in film and television production behind New York and California.

The group is also for people moving to Los Angeles from Louisiana who work in the film industry or desire to work in the film industry who need to transition and make new friends. In addition, the group is for people who have worked in or experienced working in production in Louisiana and wish to further build the film industry in Louisiana and utilize the tax credits and incentives offered in Louisiana.

To join this group, join the Meetup at http://filmind. or join the NING Network at The group will have a Facebook page soon at http://www.facebook .com/group.php?gid=85117781 67 and Myspace page at
A meeting will be held at The Cat and Fiddle in Los Angeles (6530 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028; Call 323-468-3800 or visit on Sunday, April 6 at 3:00 pm. The topic of discussion for April is the creative process — How can more films be brought to Louisiana? How can more local actors get cast in films being shot in Louisiana? How can the group help to assist film industry professionals in Louisiana with a presence in Los Angeles? There will be a brainstorming session with round table and further ideas and networking for future collaborative and creative ventures.

5 thoughts

  1. Drew, Alexandria’s film industry is in its infancy. We’re a quarter of the size of cities like Lafayette and Shreveport. It’s important not to take these things too personally. 🙂

  2. Nahh…not too personally. But I do often find that it doesnt occur to many people outside of Cenla to even think of Alexandria. Some friendly persuasion might do us some good…

  3. If you can provide me information about any film and TV activities in Alexandria, including productions, film festivals, cultural events and calls for artists, I will be happy to report them in my Business of Film blog. Thanks.

  4. I found this blog via google. I work in the film industry. The real problems that Alexandria has regarding film development are:

    – No major airport, or one in a reasonable distance (LAF has BTR and MSY…Shreveport has Dallas). This is huge, not just because of the added expense and time of transporting PEOPLE to Alexandria, but EQUIPMENT. The logistics involved with film are very particular and expensive…transporting equipment longer distances makes it very attractive to film around a bigger city.

    – Films operate around “hubs.” Airports and infrastructure are a major part of that. New Orleans has been a viable hub for half a century…even before the tax credits. Shreveport became a hub after films evacuated there after Katrina. Baton Rouge has struggled to become one in the wake of New Orleans. Becoming a hub takes a lot of time and many difference factors.

    At the end of the day, the script matters. If a film is scripted for major city streets, Alexandria has ZERO shot. If it is a period piece set in the 1920s-1950s on the other hand, Alexandria has a chance to at least grab a part of it. Entire films have been shot entirely in NATCHITOCHES of all places, but they were perfectly scripted for that look.

    Also, Chris Brown really is a nice guy, but he isn’t actually IN the industry. He produces $5,000 short films. Short films don’t make any money, they don’t have recognizable actors, and they DON’T contribute to the economy in any real way. The Meetups are a network for extras and actors, not producers. Don’t feel bad that Alexandria was “left” out of this!

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