Kudos to Murray of DearMurray.com for providing a thorough analysis of the ridiculous smear campaign being leveled against Barack Obama by a man named “Larry Sinclair.” In a post entitled “Why are Ron Paul supporters working so hard to defame Obama,” Murray supplies a bulk of evidence that suggests this video is primarily being disseminated and discussed on pro-Ron Paul websites. He also contends that the blog that originated this “story” was operated by a Ron Paul supporter. Murray writes:

The first blog to report this “story”, and subsequently, a statement from “Larry Sinclair” was the blog anndavis.blogspot.com. Ron Paul Supporter.

Subsequently, “Larry Sinclair” appeared on the Jeff Rense show. rense.com. A conspiracy theory radio show that lends credence to such stories as “Monica Lewinski was an Israeli Operative, sent to bring down the Clinton White House.” Jeff Rense is a Ron Paul supporter.

The viral nature of the spread of this video, and the subsequent conspiracy theories about mainstream media suppression are trademarks of the Paul supporters, and their “Truther” cause.

Note the other blogs in the blogosphere that are lending credibility to these claims:

We Saw That is a Ron Paul supporter.
DailyPaul.com needs no explanation.
The Pirate Bay is a torrent site that appears to have every word Ron Paul has ever said available for download.
RumorMillNews is a Ron Paul supporter.
Know the Lies is a Ron Paul supporter.
Freedom4um is a Ron Paul supporter which links directly to Ron Paul’s Official Site.
St0ckman.blogspot.com is a Ron Paul supporter.
Mrsircy.blogspot.com is a Ron Paul supporter.
Bloh.balder.org which is in Finnish or trekkie or something is a Ron Paul supporter.
Libertypost.org is a Ron Paul supporter.
TheLastDaysBulletin is a Ron Paul supporter.
ThePowerHourNews is a Ron Paul supporter AND fundraiser.

Incidentally, Murray also claims that the website Gay08.com, which is built around Mr. Sinclair’s video, is registered to a Ron Paul supporter.

And Murray, you actually missed one: The story was also reported on RonPaulForums.com.

But even more importantly, do a Google search for “Larry Sinclair Hillary Clinton.” You’ll find that the most popular links are to the same exact Ron Paul supporters. In other words, the video didn’t originate from and wasn’t disseminated on any legitimate pro-Hillary websites, which is what Paul supporters are attempting to suggest; the allegations against Clinton also originated from and were disseminated on pro-Paul websites.

25 thoughts

  1. You’re an idiot. NO republican would smear Obama, period. No republican has a chance against Obama (or Edwards either for that matter). Against Hillary however, they have a very very good chance. I think we all know where this smear came from. Democrats do after all eat their own.

  2. Give me a break. The circumstantial evidence is definitely worthy of attention, and it’s laughable to believe that Republicans are incapable of smearing Obama; they’ve been circulating misleading e-mails for months now. Yesterday, a blogger on the Republican website Cenla Antics suggested that I needed to convert to Islam before casting a vote for Obama.

    Your entire analysis is flawed. Republicans wouldn’t smear someone they perceive to be attracting a ton of young and independent support?

    Try again.

  3. Readers should also be aware that tsoldrin operates a pro-Ron Paul website that prominently features this article:

    “Obama’s Pastor Disses Natalee Holloway” on his Ron Paul digibles.


    And we should believe Paul supporters have no intention of smearing Obama? Right……

    tsoldrin wrote on his website: “This race is going to be decided on the internet, all unbeknownst to the so called pundits and it’s going to be between Barak (sp) Obama and Ron Paul… at least that’s the way it should turn out, but of course they could in theory cancel eachother (sp) out.”


    Hmmmm…. they could CANCEL each other out? Really?

    And you’re predicting an Obama/Paul general election?

  4. This is poppycock! Bloggers can re print anything they wish — it has nothing do with the person who started it.

    And anyway, how do you know it’s not true? Look what happened with Larry Craig!

  5. Well, how can I take what you say seriously, when you feel it is ok to say it’s the Ron Paul “Campaign” doing it, but yet even then you are only able to identify some supporters? Where did Ron Paul do this?

    I honestly didn’t even look at what the issue was here. If you can’t be honest in your title, and you are attacking some supporters, where anyone can claim to be a supporter, then do bad things, then why bother?

    Quit insulting peoples intelligence with this crap. Who are you quoting when you put “Campaign” in quotes? Is that just some cop out saying – well, I know it wasn’t his campaign, so I put it in quotes as a cop out, giving the impression it’s not really me saying it, and therefore it’s ok?

    You obviously have a small mind if this is the kind of stuff you peddle. Or you are trying to rip off the small minded, one of the 2.

  6. well I can tell you a couple of things. First no one from Ron Paul’s campaign would ever smear anyone. They don’t have to, Ron Paul actually has a platform to run on. Second ,YOU obviously are a fan of smear tactics. Beacause this is all this is. But thanks for the list of sites to check out.

  7. Campaign is in quotes because Paul’s official “campaign” has repeatedly claimed that Paul actually has two campaigns– one real “campaign” and another campaign organized on the Internet, which comprises the majority of his fundraising base and rapid response network (i.e. people like you who frantically search the net for the latest Ron Paul news).

    And no, I am not a fan of smear tactics. Quite the opposite.

  8. thank you for spreading the word!

    the question to all ron paul supporters posting here, who arrived through the wesawthat link to this site is this:

    i understand that you can’t control what people post, but why is it that every single site claiming this story is true, credible, and/or should be investigated is a self-declared ron paul supporter?

    nobody is blaming ron paul’s campaign, or ron paul himself.

    however, there is a certain sect of ron paul’s support base that is trying to perpetuate this.

  9. Ron Paul didn’t spread this. Ron Paul fans did. And why not? Obama is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The same think tank group that brought you Bush Sr, Robert Gates, Dick Cheney, and all of the great US warlords of the last four decades. Every Dem or Rep running is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations except for Ron Paul.

    We’re tired of the Dems and Reps shitting on the Constitution. Remember that? The highest law? Apparently you’ve had your heads in the sand, prolly from too much kool aide to see the atrocities committed by both Dems and Reps against the Constitution and our liberties.

    Oh, but the media tells you that everything is okay, so it must be. After all, what higher morality can there be than corporations looking to satisfy advertisers, protect themselves from legal action, and get the highest ratings possible when it has been shown that Americans don’t really want the truth, they want some semblance of fiction that helps them sleep well at night.

  10. Lots and lots of things are done and said by supporters of all candidates. It’s almost pathetic what people will do with good intentions and yet the wrong thing. It often causes a stir and problems and reflects badly on the candidate rather then the supporter. In the case of Ron Paul it reflects badly on EVERY supporter along with the campaign. I’ve never seen such a bad campaign season for all the candidates on the he said/she said and the did you see what a XXX(candidate) supporter did? Man, for the first time in about 50 years i feel like I’ve gone back to grade school yet I look in the mirror (and at supporters) and see adults?

  11. Murray, I agree: I am not suggesting Ron Paul or his official campaign is personally responsible for this. But most of Paul’s operations take place on the Internet; his campaign director referred to his internet operations as the unofficial campaign.

    I understand the internet footprint on this story may be embarrassing for many Paul supporters, but it definitely reveals the way in which this “story” was disseminated throughout the blogosphere. It also debunks the notion that Clinton was somehow behind this.

    David, read the above post. “Ron Paul didn’t spread this. Ron Paul fans did.” There’s no conspiracy here; Ron Paul supporters admit that they’ve spread this video.

    By the way, as Murray pointed out, Obama is not on the Council of Foreign Relations; he’s on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    I enjoy WST’s circular explanation: Ron Paul supporters have a great Internet organization, so it makes sense they would be the ones spreading this. Apparently, no one else knows how to use the Internet. It’s just pure coincidence. And if you dare to point out this incredible coincidence, you’re an unhinged, “snake-charmed” Democrat incapable of objective thought.

  12. As a Ron Paul supporter and blogger, I really have no interest or energy to smear a neo-liberal AIPAC bootlicker like Obama, Clinton, McCain, Romney. I’m more interested in convincing people that Paul is the only candidate willing to fundamentally change our foreign policy and monetary policy, everything boils down to the war and the economy. Taking a shot at Obama past personal life smells totally like a Clinton or Rove trick.

  13. Romney is a liberal? Don’t tell that to Rush Limbaugh.

    “Taking a shot at Obama past personal life smells totally like a Clinton or Rove trick.” Tell that to your fellow Paul supporters.

    And to Mr. Aymond, who wrote about this story on his blog:

    For the purposes of clarification, I do not believe and have never stated that Ron Paul is personally responsible for disseminating this video; I have posed the question about his online, “unofficial campaign” because the story originated from and was disseminated on a network of pro-Ron Paul bloggers, including DailyPaul.com and RonPaulForums.com. I think your readers should be aware that I am not suggesting and have never suggested that Dr. Paul is himself responsible for orchestrating this smear campaign. However, during the past two days, I have corresponded with several Ron Paul supporters who acknowledge their complicity in disseminating this attack video. I have been unable to find any established Democratic bloggers or websites that have lent even a shred of credibility to these accusations; the only noise seems to be coming from pro-Paul supporters and those within their immediate network. (And given that you posted this video after WST posted it and given the credit you bestowed on him for locating this video, it’s difficult to argue that you received this information from another network, regardless of who you actually support).

    I recognize this is a sensational story, capable of generating a lot of interest, but I don’t understand how anyone would lend credibility to this man. It’s so scurrilous that it’s almost funny.

    Regarding Obama’s church, I would be happy to discuss liberation theology with you. I have a degree in Religious Studies and am familiar with the belief structure of this school of thought. The discourse does not use the term “black value system” the way you believe they do. There is nothing racist or divisive about Obama’s faith, and although I recognize why some white Americans become distracted by some of the rhetoric, it’s not exactly honest to cherry-pick from a plethora of information and attempt to paint the entire church (and Obama himself) as somehow “racist.”

    I submit that liberation theology is about empowering the working class and the poor by speaking directly to the needs of their communities; it is definitively and fundamentally Christian.

    Most churchgoers, whether they’re black or white, attend services at a church that speaks to both their needs and the needs of the community in which they live.

    I look forward to continuing this conversation with you.

    PS: Another clarification I hope you will make to your readers: I have never suggested that Ron Paul or his campaign, official or otherwise, is responsible for claiming that Barack Obama is a Muslim. You allege that I have made such claims in the first paragraph of your blog post.

  14. Considering what the democrats did to their own people (Kucinich, Gravel), this fake controversy could have been generated by the Obama staffers just so they could play the victim argument and get free press.

  15. why would ANYONE lie about something like what Sinclaire said about Obama? He could be SUED TO HELL for those type of allegations — you people are NUTS — HE DID IT. GET OVER IT.

  16. Oh, and btw — with that kind of story — where’s the SMEAR??? IT IS WHAT IT IS — SINCLAIRE IS SAYING IT — NOT PAUL — NOT HILLARY — GIVE IT A REST — GET OVER IT OBAMA DID IT.

  17. First, yes, he could be sued to hell for these allegations. No doubt about it. And I’d bet that if Barack Obama were running for Chicago City Council or even Illinois State Senate, he would have sued Larry Sinclair. Incidentally, Sinclair had ample opportunity to make these accusations when Obama ran for US Senate four years ago; he had the “auspicious” opportunity of being able to finally make his YouTube video during the Presidential election. By the way, Sinclair says Obama was a State Rep; he was actually a State Senator at the time. It’s a minor point, but one of many.

    Sinclair claims to have been in Illinois (he actually lives in Minnesota) driving (ostensibly) his own limousine to his godson’s graduation from a military academy. The problem (besides the obvious: Why did he drive a limo from Minnesota to a night club in Chicago when he was supposed to be there attending a graduation ceremony?) is that the graduation ceremony took place weeks before Sinclair claims.

    Apparently, Mr. Sinclair revealed his address in one of his videos. It’s an assisted living facility in Duluth, Minnesota.

    And why do you think he’s credible again?

    Give me a break.

    This man appears to be ill and appears to have been either exploited by someone or trapped by his own delusions of grandeur. It’s somewhat disturbing that anyone would simply believe this man at face value. His accusations are inflammatory and absurd. His delivery is questionable and bizarre. His story has a TON of holes in it, including the timeline, who he believed Obama to be, and his true identity (Does he live in an assisted living facility for a reason? Or did he lie about his address?). His method– YouTube– is never the way these stories break. And I don’t buy this: Oh, the MSM won’t believe me, and this is THE ONLY WAY for the truth to be known. Maybe there is a reason the MSM won’t believe this guy. HE IS NOT CREDIBLE.

    And, even at the risk of sounding like an “unhinged Democrat,” HE NEVER WAS CREDIBLE. NEVER.

  18. Accusing Ron Paul or Hillary Clinton or the Republicans of being behind this individual is in very poor taste. None of them would risk their entire political career by being associated with this guy.

    I am disgusted with the Obama campaign for even suggesting Hillary or McCain would have anything to do with this. McCain is an American Hero whose son just returned from Iraq and the last time Hillary was in the White House we had double digit job growth and an economic surplus.

    Anyone who has heard Ron Paul speak can’t help but walk away knowing the man has a distinguished career and a great deal of Integrity.

    What has Obama accomplished compared to these three?

    We are headed for a recession, are in a war where Americans will die today and many people are losing their homes.

    The media and the people voting for Obama are using very poor judgement. I think he may be a great President some day when he has the experience but right now he doesn’t even belong on the ballot with these other three.

  19. I do not suggest Dr. Paul is personally behind this– only that a network of Paul supporters, ostensibly posing as what his campaign director called “the unofficial campaign,” are spreading these scurrilous and patently ridiculous allegations. And no, not all of them.

    Either way, it is a blatant lie to claim that Obama’s campaign has ever responded or acknowledged this absurdity.

    Give me a break.

  20. I hope Obama sue the pants of somebody and I believe that Ron Paul knows about this,because he is one massive kook himself.Ron Paul fit right in with Jeff Rense and this kook Larry Sinclair.

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