An Update: Did Ron Paul “Campaign” Smear Barack Obama?

Kudos to Murray of for providing a thorough analysis of the ridiculous smear campaign being leveled against Barack Obama by a man named “Larry Sinclair.” In a post entitled “Why are Ron Paul supporters working so hard to defame Obama,” Murray supplies a bulk of evidence that suggests this video is primarily being disseminated and discussed on pro-Ron Paul websites. He also contends that the blog that originated this “story” was operated by a Ron Paul supporter. Murray writes:

The first blog to report this “story”, and subsequently, a statement from “Larry Sinclair” was the blog Ron Paul Supporter.

Subsequently, “Larry Sinclair” appeared on the Jeff Rense show. A conspiracy theory radio show that lends credence to such stories as “Monica Lewinski was an Israeli Operative, sent to bring down the Clinton White House.” Jeff Rense is a Ron Paul supporter.

The viral nature of the spread of this video, and the subsequent conspiracy theories about mainstream media suppression are trademarks of the Paul supporters, and their “Truther” cause.

Note the other blogs in the blogosphere that are lending credibility to these claims:

We Saw That is a Ron Paul supporter. needs no explanation.
The Pirate Bay is a torrent site that appears to have every word Ron Paul has ever said available for download.
RumorMillNews is a Ron Paul supporter.
Know the Lies is a Ron Paul supporter.
Freedom4um is a Ron Paul supporter which links directly to Ron Paul’s Official Site. is a Ron Paul supporter. is a Ron Paul supporter. which is in Finnish or trekkie or something is a Ron Paul supporter. is a Ron Paul supporter.
TheLastDaysBulletin is a Ron Paul supporter.
ThePowerHourNews is a Ron Paul supporter AND fundraiser.

Incidentally, Murray also claims that the website, which is built around Mr. Sinclair’s video, is registered to a Ron Paul supporter.

And Murray, you actually missed one: The story was also reported on

But even more importantly, do a Google search for “Larry Sinclair Hillary Clinton.” You’ll find that the most popular links are to the same exact Ron Paul supporters. In other words, the video didn’t originate from and wasn’t disseminated on any legitimate pro-Hillary websites, which is what Paul supporters are attempting to suggest; the allegations against Clinton also originated from and were disseminated on pro-Paul websites.