Yesterday, during an interview with KALB News Director Michele Godard, KSYL fielded a phone call from Major Carla Ryder, who described herself as the “overseerer (sp)” of the House Arrest Division for the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Department. According to Mrs. Ryder (a former employee of Charlie Wagner), Mike Slocum “on several occasions” claimed to have invented her program, even though the program was actually created by another deputy.

Responding to the question of how she felt after Slocum spoke about this program during KALB’s debate, Major Ryder said she was “stunned because I have never even discussed my program with Mr. Slocum. I wish he would have contacted me before he went on air.

Later in the broadcast, Bobby Bordelon “with the Sheriff’s Office,” called in and told listeners, “Intimidation is going on in the Sheriff’s Office….As an employee, I can tell you I have been transferred because I did not support Mike Slocum.

Mr. Bordelon also claimed that Mike Slocum approached him on the primary election day. According to Bordelon, Slocum said he had an audio recording of Bordelon “insulting” him and that he had hired an attorney to pursue charges.

Listen to the KSYL interview here.

One thought

  1. I think Mike Solcum, needs to be on house arrest, if u ask me. there is so much money under the table. If you got money you can buy your way out of anything, it all who you know.
    Good Luck , Wagner
    Hope You Win

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