Dear Everyone,

I promise I am not going to continually write about anonymous comments written by anonymous Republicans on an anonymous blog, but this comment was just too funny for me to leave alone. From Cenla Antics:

Lamar is a wet behind the ears kid. He’s a powerless gnome. Sure, other wet behind the ears kids read his blog…other powerless little gnomes. So what? Let the kids have their fun. When little Lamar starts work at a real job, earns real money, and has to pay real taxes, he’ll convert to being a conservative.

Hear that? Not only am I am “powerless little gnome” who is “wet behind the ears,” so are all of you!

Since we’re on the subject, please allow me to thank the powerless little gnomes at CNN, National Public Radio, The Gambit Weekly, and The Times-Picayune for directly linking to and citing our work on this blog during the past three months. A special thanks also goes out to our regular readers (and like-minded powerless little gnomes) in the United States Senate, the United States House of Representatives, the Louisiana State Legislature, FEMA, the Department of Justice, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. (You see, we actually monitor our referrals).

But most importantly, we thank our friends at Your Right Hand Thief, the Daily Kingfish, Adrastos, Katrinacrat, Suspect Device, WeSawThat, SwampWoman, CreoleCajun, Liprapslament, the Library Chronicles, GentillyGirl, DailyKos, MyDD, LeftyBlogs, SepiaMutiny, People Get Ready, the Afrospear, elle phD, and KilgoreSmith, because we are all just a bunch of powerless little gnomes simply having fun until we all finally get a “real” job, pay “real” taxes, and become condescendingly conservative, right? Or maybe it’s just me….

9 thoughts

  1. Saw yesterday on the tube that warren buffett wants to pay more taxes. If he so wishes he has every right to pay more. As most of his income is from dividends his effective tax rate was only 17%. As a hard working american in the upper tax bracket I pay over 50% of my income in taxes which I feel is more than enough for the government services which I receive. Hillary Clinton and the other Democratic candidates down right scare me with their proposals. There is a reverse incentive to work harder and earn more.

  2. Darren, yeah, I actually do have a real job and pay real taxes. In fact, I think I recognize you from my real job.

    Daniel Z, they’ve actually said a lot worse; this was one of their more humorous moments.

    Anonymous conservative, yeah I saw the same report–Tom Brokaw interviewing Warren Buffett. Buffett’s secretary pays a higher percentage of taxes than he does. I think he was actually talking about capital gains tax reform. But what would a self-made mega-billionaire know about the incentive to work harder and earn more?

    Drew, I think all powerless little gnomes should be entitled to discounts from Travelocity. They’re making money on our image!

    Mike, thanks for your comment. And thanks for reading.

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