Fellow Citizens,

Please remember that despite what the pseudo political scientists and the Louisiana conservative media may tell us, this election is still up for grabs. We can take this election. We can claim this election for the future of our State, but first, we must recognize the reality on the ground. Let’s be honest about this: Instead of empathizing with the human tragedy of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, many white conservatives have actually expressed satisfaction with the idea that African-Americans were dispossessed and disenfranchised, as if it lends credibility to their agenda. In a state that is 31% African-American, commentators like John Maginnis believe it is possible for Bobby Jindal to win without ever inspiring or reaching out to African-Americans. Maginnis may be right, but that doesn’t mean the conservative strategy for victory is right.

We thank everyone for their unprecedented attention to CenLamar’s election coverage, and we promise to continue asking the tough questions, regardless of what happens.

But for now, vote your conscience. It’s the final countdown.

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