The Bluegrass Report, a website that describes itself as “(a)n unfiltered look at politics, politicians, and the media in Kentucky,” features a fascinating story about the collusion between the Republican Governor’s Association, Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher, and Louisiana gubernatorial candidate and Congressman Bobby Jindal.

The Kentucky Democratic Party filed a complaint against the Republican Governor’s Association on September 27, 2007, alleging that the RGA had illegally coordinated with Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher in support of his re-election campaign. The main problem, as explained by a story on The Hotline, is that Governor Fletcher’s media consultant, Fred Davis, is working for both Fletcher and the Republican Governor’s Association.

Besides ONE, this fall’s ‘07 cycle finds Davis working on Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s re-election bid and creating the Republican Governors Association ads for U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal’s second try at moving into the Governor’s mansion in Baton Rogue. Davis’s ‘08 commitments include the Senate re-election bids of North Carolina’s Elizabeth Dole, Oklahoma’s Jim Inhofe and Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander, plus N.C. businessman/attorney Bill Graham’s gubernatorial run.

When the Republican Governor’s Association began taking ads out on behalf of Fletcher’s campaign, Fred Davis was working directly for Governor Fletcher, which called into question the “independence” of this organization and their ties to Fletcher. But that is not even the most egregious part of the story. The television commercials “created” by Fred Davis for the RGA in support of Bobby Jindal are eerily similar to the campaign commercials his boss, Governor Fletcher, is currently running in Kentucky. These images were captured by The Bluegrass Report:



Notice any similarities? The Bluegrass Report states:

Aside from this being the same boy, you can see that the girl to his left is the same, as is the colorful piping on the wall behind him. Also, if you look to the right of the little girl in the Jindal ad you’ll see a “I Love UK” drawing on the wall. A UK drawing in a Louisiana ad?

Additionally, the teacher is also the same in both ads, but you can look at that for yourself.



How about now?

To read the full story, click here.

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