SOMETIMES, IT HELPS to belong to a family of “pack rats.” A few months ago, we uncovered a long-forgotten and “valuable artifact” of Central Louisiana campaign history (Anyone want to bid on it?): the “Collector’s Edition” Jay and Shelley record Jay and Shelley Sing John’s Song B/W Ballad of Earl K. Long. I suppose the record is considered to be a collector’s item because on the back of the casing, there’s a campaign advertisement for John “Tilly” Snyder, former Mayor of Alexandria and perennial candidate for other seats. In 1983, one year after being brought back into the Mayor’s Office (after five years of being out), Snyder made the Snyderish decision of running for State Senator.

Snyder was Mayor when I was an infant, but he is still somewhat of a legend around here. His Wikipedia page is one of the most comprehensive of any Central Louisiana politician. He turned our swimming pool into a catfish pond, and sadly, all of the fish died. Apparently, he drove around town in a police car. And for some reason, he removed Commissioner Rosenthal’s private restroom door.

But Snyder’s eccentricities also had a good side, and he obviously knew how to campaign. (Hat-tip to my friend for taking a photo of this record and then making it into a Warhol. If you want a clearer picture, just send an e-mail):


It reads:

John K. Snyder

Thanking You For Your Support!

Elect Snyder Senator District 29

Taking a page out of Synder’s playbook, Libertarian candidate for Governor, T. Lee Horne.

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