Questions in Dialect, a Jackson, Mississippi-based progressive electronic and rock n’ roll band, will be playing a FREE show TONIGHT in Downtown Alexandria at Alex 1805 at 9PM. Alexandria is Question in Dialect’s first stop on a two-month tour, which will take them throughout Texas and California. You can download two of their albums on iTunes. This is how they describe themselves:

QiD. They build their own instruments, play with soundwaves from the sun, jupiter, and the galaxies, and hack old tvs to make home-made oscilloscopes (you can see the soundwaves while you hear them). Soon after tuning your ears to the QiD sound, you won’t be able to listen to music the same way again. It’s an experience. Then again, music is music. And we must remember that art is art. Well, on the other hand water is water isn’t it? And east is east and west is west. And if you take cranberries and stew them like applesause they taste much more like prunes than rubarb does.

Check out their website. I know it’s last minute, but try to make it. It’ll be worth it.


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