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Louisiana ranks worst in the nation when it comes to pay equity between college-educated men and women, according to a study released this morning by the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation.

Women in Louisiana make 64 percent of the salaries their male peers do, the study shows. The median annual earnings of women with a college degree or more between 2003 and 2005 were $37,382. The median annual earnings of men with at least a college degree were $58,514 during the same time period, the study shows. Nationwide, women make 74 percent of the salaries their male counterparts do, according to the study.

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  1. Thanks for the reference, Pascal. The “Objectivist” writer makes a number of good points. I am not aware of the methodology behind this study, but I’ll look into it.

  2. I’m sure I should get in trouble for saying this, but say it I will, IMHO the pay gap is because we as women are considered less important and possibly always will. We have to take time off for our kids or special projects and well there’s that little factoid that most of the decision makers regarding salary structure are men. Bitter? You’re darn right I am. The idea that a women gets paid less for the same work is still alive and well in this state and elsewhere. I’m sure President Hillary can’t even help us there.

  3. mgodard, did you read the link I posted in the first comment? Do you know of any instances where woman are paid less for doing the exact same job as a man? Woman doctors are paid the same, lawyers, teachers, etc. the same. If there are any circumstances where a woman is paid less than a man doing the same job, that would certainly warrant a justifiable discrimination suit.

    If you are placing any hope in the government “fixing” the “non-problem”, I’m afraid you are a bit delusional in that respect. For the most part, government only creates problems.

    I will say that I might vote for Hillary before I would Obama. I really can not conceive of either getting the Democrat nomination, however. I tend to hold the Democrat party in pretty low esteem, but I do not think they have sunk to that level, at least not yet.

  4. I know South Carolina previously was last in terms of income parity between men and women. SC also had the highest domestic violence rate and the lowest number of elected women officials per capita. I want to see these statistics for Louisiana.

    And all of you should write your local legislators and ask how they voted on the minimum wage bill proposed by Cedric Richmond. Until the minimum wage is raised, income disparities between men and women will continue to grow.

  5. “If there are any circumstances where a woman is paid less than a man doing the same job, that would certainly warrant a justifiable discrimination suit.”
    Lawsuits are a waste of time and unethical. If women like me are really being paid less than our male counterparts we can renegotiate or simply find another job that pays more. My question simply is why do we have to?

  6. mgodard, Are you being paid less than a man doing the same job as you? I simply know of no cases where these circumstances that you describe exist. As Kwasmer pointed out in his letter, the whole thing is a myth. I think it’s the idea where “if a lie is repeated often enough, people start believing it”

    There are so many lies perpetrated by the media in America it’s ungodly.

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