River City Market, downtown Alexandria’s arts, crafts, and produce market, will open tomorrow from 8AM until 2PM, kicking off the spring season. image9.jpg

The market will also feature live entertainment from local musicians, billed as a “feed the arts” festival.

The River City Market is held in the back of the old Weiss and Goldring building on the corner of 4th and DeSoto.

Check out their website.

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  1. One thing I just read about that is very popular in other places in America is Community Supported Agriculture. People buy shares of a small local farm ($300-$400 for a yearly share), and throughout the harvest season (like April to December in LA) investors get a weekly delivery of fresh produce. Many CSA farms are organic, it cuts down on transport energy, and in cooking for a family it’s a lot cheaper than Kroceries.

    I’ve only found two or three CSA farms in Louisiana on the internet, and I don’t think we have one that services Cenla. The first step is finding an interested, local, non-corporate farmer. I’ll put more info up soon, but it’s in the tradition of farmer’s markets.

    Does Alexandria have a farmer’s market these days?

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