Recently, Washington University Law School, located in Saint Louis, Missouri, launched a new blogsite, entitled Slip Opinions. Their “debut” edition features a series of essays first presented at Harvard Law’s Bloggership Symposium. Contributors include Ellen Podgor, James Lindgren, Kate Litvak, Lawrence B. Solum, Douglas Berman, Paul Butler, and Eugene Volokh. It’s worth checking out, particularly considering recent events in Central Louisiana in which court cases are analyzed and dissected in the blogosphere before they ever make it in front of a judge.

One thought

  1. Thanks for that site Lamar. I had not seen it before.
    While many legal cases are of high public interest, and certainly include public discussion and debate, I fear that many loose track of the fact that, as with any trial, testimony and evidence are presented in the courtroom. It is from that, which the judge hears and sees, and which may not be available to bloggers, the judge will base a ruling upon, in accordance with law. Judgments cannot be based upon public opinion.
    Additionally, “the law” is not only comprised of written statutes, but also of previous court rullings, adminstrative laws, and scholarly legal writings and Attorney General opinions, as persuasive authorities. Even after extensive research, lawyers can be of differing opinions, thus the need for a judge to make a decision. Therefore, although a matter of public concern, law is much more complex than many bloggers are aware.

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