According to a report published in this morning’s Baton Rouge Advocate, Louisiana’s public schools will be undergoing some major changes in order better prepare students for college and the workforce. From the report:

Among new policies on the way or under serious consideration:

–Phasing out the Graduation Exit Exam, which students must pass to graduate, in favor of state tests that students will take at the end of algebra I and other key subjects.

–Requiring most high school students to take a rigorous curriculum because of the growing view that most students need tougher classes even if they plan to pursue a job or job training instead of college.

–Reworking ninth grade, including separate academies in some cases, to stem dropout rates in what experts call a “watershed” grade.

The report also states that of the 60,000 9th graders who entered high school in 2006, only 35,000 are expected to graduate by 2010 and only 17% (or 10,000 students) will earn an advanced degree.

Read more here.

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  1. I went to school in the EBRP school system, and it was a nightmare. It was filled with child predators in Secert Societies. I was sexually assaulted at two schools in the Baton Rouge area, and my complaints have been met with total silence from politicians, and the like. The best thing is to homeschool your kids. That is the only way you can protect them from these subversive organizations. The goal of these gangs are to screw-up your kids. They will try to corrupt them or get them on drugs. If the kid rejects this behavior, they will harass them or do things to the kid that will screw-him-up sexually. Read my blog:

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