Again, the Bible Is Not Used In House of Representatives Swearing In Ceremony

For the second time in as many days, the Town Talk published a letter from a concerned citizen upset at the allegations fabricated and perpetuated by conservative talk radio host Dennis Prager that a new member of the House of Representatives will be placing his hand on the Koran in his swearing-in ceremony instead of the Bible.

Readers should be aware that this story is a complete and total lie. The swearing-in ceremony, according to the Office of the House Clerk, consists of members “raising their right hands and swearing to uphold the Constitution.” The Bible is not a feature of the ceremony.

I find the story interesting for a number of reasons. First, the fact that someone can just INVENT a story, pitting a Muslim against alleged Christian “tradition,” is alarming, but what’s more appalling is the way the mainstream media, including our very own Gannett paper, has perpetuated this story without a single retraction or correction of the record or the basic facts.

Here’s an excerpt of today’s letter, written by Peter Gunn of Bentley:

It is a sad state of affairs when this great nation of ours, which is only 230 years old is trying to remove the Bible from all swearing in of elected officials. May God show mercy on our souls.

I’m not sure where on earth Mr. Gunn read that America was trying to remove the Bible from “all swearing in” ceremonies. Perhaps this is just more hyperbole perpetuated by those radio talk show hosts.

And from yesterday’s letter, by Ruth Barden of Boyce:

Keith Ellison, D-Minn., Reporter, has written: “The first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress, has announced that he will not take his oath of office on the Bible, but on the bible of Islam, the Koran.”

To Mrs. Barden (and the Town Talk), Keith Ellison is the Muslim representative, not the reporter.

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  1. lol nice catch. ms. barden is a nutcase from way back. if these clowns were truly interested in anything real they would be outraged and speaking out about how the congress does not obey their oath of office in the first place — regardless of what they place their hands on during the swearing in ceremony.

  2. Good point. However, it seems like it’s a lot more fun (and effective) to make up a story, enrage the base, and have them all write pithy letters to the editor about how our country is headed toward moral bankruptcy.

    These talk show guys must feel like they control thousands and thousands of willing pawns in their game of deception.

  3. lol true but the sad fact is — is that america is bankrupt morally, spiritually, financially and every other way a country can be bankrupt, yet ms. barden continues to write and the town talk continues to publish goofy letters from her (and others) like the letter ms. barden wrote and the town talk published around 14 april 2006 about all these millions of (mysterious and in our opinion mythical) christians. theres no millions of christians in america. if there was they wouldnt have let the country get in the shape its now in.

  4. Ms. Barden is always cocked and ready to go off. In her distorted and intolerant view there are christians and their are infidels – no middle ground or room for diverse opinions. In her jaded thought process, America was founded as christian nation instead of a nation to promote religious tolerance and freedom. No amount of reason will turn her from her from her position. Why the Town Talk permits such a deranged person to become a defacto columnist is beyond my comprehension.

  5. We Saw That is giving Christians much too much credit in providing a moral compass for our country. They have done an amazing amount of injury to education, civil rights, and public health. Buy a history book.

  6. anon you’re 100% correct and we have said words to that effect all along. there has been and continues to be lots of fake: christians, individuals, churches whatever that have used christianity as means of power and control over others — this is historical fact. however, when we examine what jesus actually said it is that we should love god and love our neighbor as ourself. this is how you determine who is a real christian and who’s not. furthermore, because god is love then love is the only reality, everything else is an illusion and b.s.

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s noticed that the Town Talk repeatedly prints the opinions of a handful of crazy zealots. Anon 12:18 is right in saying that the Town Talk has made these people defacto columnists. Why don’t they just go ahead & give them jobs & create a whole new section of the paper called “Ranting Nutcases”? Is the TT THAT starved for opinions/letters to the editor that they’ll print just about whatever Ruth Barden or Jack Daniels or Peter Gunn (or one of their other Opinionators) has to say. They allow an entire section of the paper to become a battleground for hot-button topics like abortion & gay rights & the separation of church & state. The only problem is that it’s never constructive, always biased and hardly ever factual. Just one other reason that I don’t have a subscription to that piece of trash.

  8. We Saw That is absolutely correct about a people embracing the true fundementals of Christianity, however, virtually all of the moral teachings of Jesus (except his divinity) were the product of his Jewish upbringing. The Bhuddists and other eastern religions generally give us the same moral guidposts. The problem is not that we lack the guidance but that we lack the will to be a moral nation. The Christians don’t hold the franchise on moral principles. Neither do Americans. But the Americans at least understand the importance of a moral direction.

  9. ahhhh, sipping a cup of joe and perusing the “ranting nutcases” section in the paper. funny image. i would like to see who the advertisers would be in that particular section.

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