Roy Asks Kay Michiels To Become Alexandria’s Next “Chief of Staff”

Yesterday evening, Jacques Roy announced that he will be appointing Kay Michiels, an Alexandria attorney and former educator, to become his operational assistant, a position his predecessor, Ned Randolph, referred to as chief of staff. Michiels has agreed to the appointment and states that she looks forward to working in the Roy administration.

19 thoughts

  1. Ms. Michiels is more than a hottie. She is smart, savvy, motivated, compassionate, and has maintained a righteous sense of humor as a wife, mother, lawyer, friend, and citizen. This city will be well served by someone of her caliber. She will represent our city with a keen intelligence, a quick wit, and the good taste that a classy person brings to her commitments. Hoorah for our town.

  2. Kay is not only very intelligent, but she has also been a pleasure to deal with. I think she is very qualified for that job.

  3. Maybe he can get enough lawyers on the city payroll that the citizens can see “our Cleco settlement.” DON’T THINK THAT WILL HAPPEN. ROY is an IDIOT

  4. “Same old Alex” stays same old Alex because of people like you. The guy has been in office for two days and he is an idiot. I would think maybe you should hold your judgement for maybe.. what the hell.. one month.. before you start your negative rants.

  5. “Same old Alex” stays same old Alex because of people like you. The guy has been in office for two days and he is an idiot. I would think maybe you should hold your judgement for maybe.. what the hell.. one month.. before you start your negative rants.

  6. I don’t care if Roy appoints a pink butted monkey. Just let him do his job of mayor, and don’t be so friggin’ negative.

  7. I do care if he hires pink-butted monkeys. I thought we were voting Roy in order to get people a little higher on the evolutionary chain.

    I guess I was wrong, we just went from the good ole boys clique to the good ole Menard boys clique.

  8. Kay is an excellent choice and is head and shoulders above who we have had in this position in the previous 20 years.She is giving up a sucessful career in law to help OUR community be the best place for us to live and raise our children.We should be grateful for her willingness to serve our community and the wisdom of Roy and his committees on locating her.

  9. Firstly, I will not deny that Mrs. Michiels is an attractive lady and an attorney. However, Mrs. Michiels is a competent attorney who has been a partner at a major law firm for many years. She is able to see through the b.s. and analyze the pertinent issues. I admit that I was and still a bit surprised that Jacques picked her, but you cannot say that he is just picking people who were part of the Roy machine. As far as I know, Mrs. Michiels did not play an active role in Jacques campaign. Secondly, Mrs. Michiels is usually on the opposite side of Mr. Roy in the courtroom, as she is a civil defense lawyer. Lastly, she is not part of Jacque’s Menard crew. I don’t think she is even from Alexandria originally.

    The point I am trying to convey is for Alexandria to give Jacques a chance. Lets try not to second guess him until he gives us a reason to do so. If Jacques was trying to be a crowd pleaser, he would have announced his appointments prior to being elected. Instead, Jacques waited until he was elected on his own merit and announced his appointments after careful consideration and deliberation. We elected him to lead Alexandria and thus far, it appears that he doing just that.

    Without trying to be too melodramatic, I leave you with a quote from a leader who faced many an uphill battle but who still remained true to his word: “Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.” — Harry S. Truman

  10. Thank the holy savior that someone from Menard is finally in a position of public service where he can open up jobs for his scoolmates. Prepare for this town to be ruled by the preppies.

    Oh, and by the way, anyone who believes this is a tremendous dumbass. And by “tremendous” I mean really big.

  11. Waterslide! What Menard preppy has Mr. Roy hired or appointed? To my knowledge, neither Chuck Johnson nor Kay Michiels attended Menard. And futhermore, if an appointee is competent and will help the city, who cares if he/she went to Menard, ASH, Peaody, or Bolton. If anything, we should look at what institute of higer education the individual went to.

    You sound to me like one of those people who still revels in your own “glory” days in high school, whether they be real or imagined, although I would venture to say the latter. Whatever hangups you have about Menard, save it and offer some constructive insight to the problems our city is facing.

  12. Point taken Sister Michael Rose. I neglec ted to read the second part of Waterslide’s witty post. I guess I am the tremendous dumbass. I implore the holy savior to give me a break since it is Friday.

  13. In fact, Kay, for whatever reason, has been begging for a job everywhere. She has haunted the DAs office begging to get on there for months. Don’t know what happened at the firm. Walker’s main calling is now the civil air patrol.

  14. I highly doubt Kay would have to “beg” for a job anywhere. She is a very successful attorney and, as stated previously, very smart and an asset to this community. Civil air patrol??? Also, she is not a Menard graduate. This is a top notch selection by Mr. Roy. Sounds like a little jealousy to me. Give them a chance to prove themselves.

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