Technical Difficulties, Car Crashes

CenLamar will return to its regularly scheduled programming tomorrow afternoon. My computer finally bit the dust today, and on my way back from purchasing a new computer from Office Max (which probably had about three computers in stock yet about seventeen on display), someone ran into the back of my car (the second time in two months someone has hit my car on Jackson Street, underscoring the need for a turning lane… even if we have to make it three lanes).

Which reminds me: Anyone know a good trial lawyer? I’ve got a headache.

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  1. Hope all is well and your not damaged. Buy your puters from Sams. Great warranty and their throw away anyway. On the legal beagle thing do not call J. Roy. We have need of him in the coming months.

  2. I wasn’t damaged, but the car needs to be replaced.

    I’m telling you… Jackson Street needs a turning lane.

    And while I’m opining on traffic, I’ve never understood why the yield signs at the South Traffic Circle aren’t MASSIVE.

    And there needs to be a traffic light in front of the Lakes District and 28W.

    By the way, thanks for your concern Civil… I ended up getting a Sony laptop… switched over from the Apple.

  3. Yes, they are superior and they do last longer… but I couldn’t pass up a free version of Photoshop.

    Plus, the nearest Apple store is over an hour away.

  4. Jackson would need to be wider to have a decent turn lane. ROW would cause loud screaming from the business folks. Yes it’s needed! Those Apples will spoil you and make you want to stay up late coding and doing all sorts of graphics when you should be sleeping or talking to the idiological idiots that populate the blogs. Yes, I do include myself in that group.

    I hear that Photoshop and better software can be found on various PtoP places for a very good price.

    You need a beater car if your going to drive in Alex a lot. It’ll save your sanity. lol

  5. Office Max.

    Exactly how much trauma did you receive in that accident Mr. Plaintiff? We haven’t had an Office Max for years. Would you please put your soft collar and helmet on before you go out in public. Everyone you see could be a potential juror.

  6. Hahahah. Yes, Office DEPOT. I remember now. It’s coming back to me. It was definitely Office Depot.

    But don’t worry. I won’t forget my helmet.

    Civil, the Apples do spoil you indeed… but if I am ever going to get the up and running, I’ll probably need to do some graphic work on my own… and I couldn’t pass up a free and legal copy of Photoshop.

  7. I guess we’re better off with what we have now for Jackson as opposed to the dirt road it started out as. It’s a state road so the City isn’t going out of it’s way to solve the problem and well, it’s a state road.

  8. So Lamar, you finally decided to get rid of your Apple, buy a PC, and join the rest of us in the real world. Silly Rabbit, Apples are for kids.

  9. Lamar, no more comments on your condition until you sign a contract and medical authorization and start treating with a doctor.

    Seriously, don’t you agree that the scariest part of Jackson is the stretch between MacArthur and Hill. Could those lanes be any narrower?

  10. Lamar, I add my sympathies about your accident. It is most aggravating when it was not your fault, and yet you are still left with all the inconvenience. I hope the other party had insurance.

    I have to add an unpleasant experience that I had with Office Depot and a computer. Several years ago my spouse gave me a laptop as a surprise gift. It was a Hulett Packer and was purchased at Office Depot for over $1,000.00. It would not run off the battery! I followed all the instructions, etc., and still couldn’t get it to work.

    We took it back to Office Depot the next day. The person who was called to help us was insolent and treated us as idiots. To make a long story short, we were told that we had to send it back to HP since Office Depot just sold them but were not responsible for them not working. We purchased a new battery elsewhere and have not darkened the doors of that place again.

  11. Biff, no it wasn’t a Delores supporter who hit me, though my Roy bumpersticker does make me a vulnerable target.

    To the first anonymous, don’t worry; I won’t comment on my condition until I meet with at least four different doctors.

    And to the second anonymous, yes, thankfully, the guy had insurance; he said it was the first car accident he’d been in during his 54 years on the road.

  12. As for a personal injury lawyer, I would suggest Ron Fiorenza of the Provosty firm. Delores Brewer swears by him, and I know of at least one plaintiff case he has handled.

  13. sorry to hear about your accidents, buddy. the roads are so dangerous, i’m reminded of that constantly as i drive my motorcycle around the insanity that is kathmandu. sorry to hear about the demise of the computer and the car as well, as all things impermanent however.

    stay up-

  14. that driver could about 70…as for an attorney, they are like flies, one in ever garbage can….you could consult your bumper sticker idea…the Roys are still in business…. when I was a senior at Bolton, years ago, I got rear-ended twice at the same intersection, Chester and Jackson, in the same car weeks apart. I try to avoid that spot !

  15. “Jackson Street wasn’t planned, Jackson Street just happened”

    Darrell Williamson, circa 1990’s
    Former Public Works Director, City of Alexandria, LA

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