A Line By Line Response: Accusations in the Mayoral Campaign

Key: ABS= Anonymous Brewer Supporter
LW= Lamar White

ABS: Even better. Name anything that Roy has done that is considered volunteer work. What organizations has been affiliated with besides law stuff. What has he ever done for this city besides sue it?

LW: This list can be found on the Town Talk’s website: Parishioner of Our Lady of Prompt Succor Catholic Church; Board Member of Central Louisiana AIDS Support Services (CLASS); Board member, Louisiana Prevent Child Abuse; Board member, First United Methodist Church Weekly Child Care Ministries; volunteer attorney, Alexandria Police Department for critical shooting cases involving deadly force cases.

My Brewer supporting friend, before you hurl accusations his way, why won’t you check the facts? Check his record. This is information readily available to the public. With all due respect, if you’re so concerned about the types of cases Roy takes, why don’t you look into them? Go to the courthouse. Or better yet, ask Mrs. Brewer to show you the cases to which she was referring in her mail-outs.

ABS: Why did he enter in this race at the last minute? Why has he stated that he wants to be in Washington in 4 years? The council will run amuck in the year+ time it will take to learn the ropes of the city. The learning curve is tremendous. Ask anyone who has ever worked with the city elected leaders. Why won’t you people elect a good person that can do this job? I know why. You would like to see a democrat in office. That is why Roy entered in late. He was the third person that Antoon and his bunch approached to do this job. Roy is smart but he is not calling the shots. Why can’t you people see that? The story of Job comes to mind. Why do bad things happen to good people?

LW: In my humble opinion, Roy didn’t enter the campaign at the last minute; his timing was perfect. Also, Jacques Roy has never stated that he wants to be in Washington in four years. I think your facts are slightly confused. Jacques is running for mayor and has stated, from Day One, that he’s focused on the job at hand. In his own words, “Why would I want to put my family through that (a job in DC)?”

I also think you have your facts a little confused about Mr. Antoon “approaching” Jacques. Jacques Roy made the decision to run for mayor on his own, and he was not pressured by anyone or any group. Again, I implore you to check your facts. You are overstating and embellishing the decision-making process, preferring to paint this as driven by some fictional Democratic machine. You may be surprised to find out that the individuals who most encouraged Jacques to run for mayor were Republicans. Indeed, Mr. Antoon first found out about Jacques’ intention to run for mayor AFTER it had been reported in the press.

ABS: Delores has done nothing but give back this city. She has helped so many people. Delores Brewer is a good person and she can do the job better than Jacques Roy. I just wish that you could see what Roy represents. Lamar has said that Delores is a good person on several occasions, but he slams her and calls her a liar in public on this blog. Why do you people get so caught up with political affiliation and not about who is a good person with the right qualifications. I hope that you know what you are doing by trashing a good human being. I really do. Jacques has fooled you all with his smooth talk. The facts have been so twisted that it is impossible to syphin the truth from the cluster. Why does Jacques want to be Mayor? He doesn’t. It is the democratic machine that wants him to.

LW: When the integrity of someone I know to be a good person is called into question, I will defend that person. When facts are manipulated and spun into political rhetoric, I will do my best to unpack that rhetoric. I believe Mrs. Brewer to be a good person, but I have questioned many of the things she has said and done throughout this campaign. However, I understand her motivation: She wants to be our mayor.

My support of Jacques Roy has nothing to do with my opinion of Mrs. Brewer. Perhaps it may be difficult for you to understand this: I support Jacques Roy, as do many other people, because I believe he is the right person for this job. I took the time to learn about all of the candidates, even meeting with a handful of them, before arriving at my decision. The process was interesting to me.

During this run-off, it has become increasingly evident to me why Mr. Roy represents our best chance at open and honest government.

Last week, Mrs. Brewer staged a press conference in which she completely misrepresented and manipulated the basic facts of the City’s ongoing legal battle with Cleco. Personally, I felt that the press conference only served to confuse the facts, and it seemed to be based on the notion that if voters were confused enough, they’d be more likely to vote for Mrs. Brewer. How could anyone trust a mayor who is willing to purposely confuse people about a CRITICAL issue? And again, with all due respect my Brewer supporting compadre, there is absolutely no way to wiggle out of this: The press conference can be viewed on the Town Talk’s website, and an audio recording is available on the Northside Journal. The facts are out there for anyone who is interested.

Click here to read Delores Brewer’s press release.

11 thoughts

  1. These are all lies to distort the facts in favor of Roy. Lamar would do anything for his master. Delores Brewer tells the truth and is clearly outnumbered on this blog.

    DO NOT base your VOTE on this nonsense.

  2. Again, with all due respect, if I am lying, please have the courtesy to point out what exactly I am lying about.

    I received my information from diligently following my sources, from directly asking the involved parties about the anonymous accusations that have appeared on the Internet, and from reading sourced material on the Cleco case.

    This information is available for anyone.

  3. The FACT is is that she made false accusations.

    That is a FACT!

    Watch the Entire Press Conference. Courtesy: The Town Talk.

    The point of this press conference was to confuse the facts and to make Jacques out to be a thief and a lyer.

    I would say those are pretty heavy accusations. You can then go back to her previous kalb interview where she vows to keep it clean.

  4. Here is the misinformation, quoted directly from Brewer’s press release:

    “Now, as the attorney for one of the EMS owners, Jacques Roy has a vested interest in EMS collecting all of this money that should go to Alexandria ratepayers.

    Since he’s a personal injury lawyer, Mr. Roy, like Bridgett Brown, works on a contingency fee basis.

    Just how much will Jacques Roy get out of any money paid by CLECO? EMS claims millions are owed.”

    This is where Mrs. Brewer should have checked her facts.

    Mr. Sansing is no longer an owner of EMS, and he is not entitled to any fees collected by EMS from the ongoing litigation with Cleco.

    His case is an entirely separate issue; it’s an employee versus his former employer.

  5. What aggravates me about the course of this run-off is that prior to the primary election I really thought that Alexandria could do no wrong if either Delores or Jacques were to get in the run-off. I honestly thought that they both had the best interests of the city at heart.

    I admit I was disappointed with Delores’s handling of the city council committee meeting about the meeting with the city’s Baton Rouge attorneys. I expect my leaders to be more forthright I suppose, and the “I misspoke” defense was lousy. (Will somebody tell her “the emperor has no clothes” on that one?) Meanwhile, I didn’t have a problem with the bid she made for consulting to the housing authority. As far as I could tell, she did everything legally, and her bid was turned down. It wasn’t a “backroom” deal because it was all in the public record. No harm done other than the so-called appearance of impropriety.

    I’m a pretty forgiving fellow. But knowing what I know about Jacques and thinking new blood and a fresh face in city hall would be good for the city, I voted for him in the primary. I hoped that Delores would be in the run-off for the good of the city. She’s got experience, a sense of what’s good for the city, and she knows how to get things done in city hall. Like I said before, we were lucky to have two well-qualified candidates to choose from in the run-off.

    My opinion since the primary has changed. Delores is running a two-pronged campaign that will only discredit what good reputation she’s had prior to the election. The first prong is to take the low-road of negative campaigning against Jacques. Guess what Delores everyone knows what Jacques does for a living. Then she blatantly obscures the facts regarding the CLECO lawsuit. Wasn’t Sam Sansing, Jacques’s client, the guy who told COA that CLECO was charging too much? I’d say Jacques is on the good guys’ side. But it doesn’t matter, because now Delores’s decision to obfuscate the facts vis-à-vis the CLECO case only serves to enhance her history for not facing the truth. If William Safire were observing this race he’d say Delores is a congenital liar.

    The other prong of her strategy is more alarming. It motivates the other prong. I call this the “let’s win the lottery” approach to winning an election. Let’s go through some basic poly-sci here. If all of the voters who voted in the primary vote again, then for every one vote Jacques has to pick up, Delores has to pick up at least two. Given the pool of voters in COA how likely will she have that opportunity? But let’s go in another direction and say that only the Roy and Brewer voters return to the polls. She loses. Let’s say it’s somewhere in-between these two scenarios, she still faces the problem of representing (whether intentionally or not) the incumbent administration. Sure a bit more than 65% of the voters didn’t vote for Jacques (the new kid on the block), but more than 75% of the voters didn’t vote for Delores (the familiar face). What on earth do they think will change the mind of the voters? The chances she has of winning this race are equivalent to her chances of winning the Powerball. The odds are stacked very high against her.

    What’s alarming to me about her conduct in this run-off is that she’s decided that what Alexandria apparently needs is an election decided not on the merits of the candidates’ stances on the issues or visions for the future, but focused instead on obfuscation and some conjured fear over a trial lawyer being elected mayor. (Hey Delores, if he’s elected, that will be one less trial lawyer on the street!) This by any definition is low-politics, and serves to emphasize the notion that you look at this race (and the city’s residents) with blinders covering your eyes and arrogance leading your way.

    Delores, do what’s right for the city. Realize the picture before you. Do you honestly think you’ll win? (I don’t think you can.) Do what’s right for the city. Drop out of the race, and give Jacques all the help you can to make this as smooth of a transition for the city as we can. To continue with the press-conference stunts, negative mailers, push polls, etc., only digs you deeper into pathetic delusions and selfishness. Your behavior only serves to fracture the city. Why continue with this race when you’ll lose, but also ruin your pre-primary reputation for always having the best interests of the city at heart?

  6. lamar, good job. i fear with fletcher on board it will only get worse. he touts himself as a “prostitute”. i have another word.

  7. “I also think you have your facts a little confused about Mr. Antoon “approaching” Jacques. Jacques Roy made the decision to run for mayor on his own, and he was not pressured by anyone or any group. Again, I implore you to check your facts. You are overstating and embellishing the decision-making process, preferring to paint this as driven by some fictional Democratic machine. You may be surprised to find out that the individuals who most encouraged Jacques to run for mayor were Republicans. Indeed, Mr. Antoon first found out about Jacques’ intention to run for mayor AFTER it had been reported in the press.”

    Lamar, you are young and naive. I beleive you genuinely believe that Jaques got in the race because he had a calling. The only call he responded to was the call from Antoon, Luneau, Daddy Chris, and Cespiva.

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