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  1. Give it a try Lamar. Who knows where it will lead.

    Besides, this is your blog and you can do what you please with it.

  2. Great idea Lamar. Much rather give my advertising to you that to the Town Talk. Everyone’s voice can be heard on your blog. Not true with the biased opinions of the Town Talk.

  3. Dude, You have been scammed for your traffic. That company is a BIG player in the domain name business and you my friend have a TON of traffic. You should advertize. You will make money and a lot of it. IF you can buy the cenlamar name I would and if I were in your situation I would pay up to a thousand for it. If I had a site any site that had 15,000 hits in a year it would be worth the ad revenue. You seriously need to look into what is known as Domaining, It is the virtual realestate fo the internet. Here is an anology of what happened to you.

    Say you are a college student and you have a house with some buddies and you throw huge parties and everybody parks in the vacant lot next to the house. Some savvy business person buys that property. Now we have to get hypothetical and say that no one owns the land and to own it you have to go to the court house and pay a processing fee to claim it, think “Land Rush”.

    Now they are making money on your parties. Mabey they sell advertizing signs and put them on the property. They put up a few signs then go home and collect the money.

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