KALB: Babs Zimmerman’s "Spread the Rumor" (I just…

KALB: Babs Zimmerman’s “Spread the Rumor”

(I just found this on the Video Blog section. It was published a week ago).

An excerpt:

“Our phone will be ringing off starting tomorrow with people who awakened with a sinking feeling and have decided against running for office, at least this year.
And, then there will be people who are spreading rumors.
So, herewith, is a list of rumors that have already started or will soon be here:

1) Spread the rumor that a candidate is dropping out.
2) Spread the rumor that you have had a consultant look at a race, and the gender or racial make-up of the electorate just won’t permit certain people to be elected.
3) Spread the rumor that only paid “volunteers” are working for a certain candidate….implying of course, that he/she cannot compel real people to work for him/her.
4) Spread the rumor that a candidate was paid to get into the race as a spoiler.
5) Spread the rumor that a candidate owes money all over town–or, better yet, all over the state.
6) Spread the rumor that an influential group of people have gone to a candidate begging him/her to leave a race.
7) Spread the rumor that a candidate’s real motive in running for office is to get his/her name known for a race for something else at a later time.
8) Spread the rumor that you have heard a candidate’s spouse is unhappy about the campaign.
9) Spread the rumor that a candidate has no money, never had any money and never will have any money.
10) Spread the rumor that the candidate is spreading rumors about each candidate.”