KALB: Babs Zimmerman’s “Spread the Rumor”

(I just found this on the Video Blog section. It was published a week ago).

An excerpt:

“Our phone will be ringing off starting tomorrow with people who awakened with a sinking feeling and have decided against running for office, at least this year.
And, then there will be people who are spreading rumors.
So, herewith, is a list of rumors that have already started or will soon be here:

1) Spread the rumor that a candidate is dropping out.
2) Spread the rumor that you have had a consultant look at a race, and the gender or racial make-up of the electorate just won’t permit certain people to be elected.
3) Spread the rumor that only paid “volunteers” are working for a certain candidate….implying of course, that he/she cannot compel real people to work for him/her.
4) Spread the rumor that a candidate was paid to get into the race as a spoiler.
5) Spread the rumor that a candidate owes money all over town–or, better yet, all over the state.
6) Spread the rumor that an influential group of people have gone to a candidate begging him/her to leave a race.
7) Spread the rumor that a candidate’s real motive in running for office is to get his/her name known for a race for something else at a later time.
8) Spread the rumor that you have heard a candidate’s spouse is unhappy about the campaign.
9) Spread the rumor that a candidate has no money, never had any money and never will have any money.
10) Spread the rumor that the candidate is spreading rumors about each candidate.”

12 thoughts

  1. The more I watch Michelle’s video blogs, the better she looks! Don’t know if it’s her or the guests are getting uglier!!!

  2. I wish Babs would get her husband to do a lil digging on what the blogs are reporting. Come on Babs, it’s been a while since you really let go on some shady politicians!

  3. Babs is married to Jim Leggett of Town Talk fame..or shame depending upon how you look at it.

    BTW, where is Billy Gunn? Did he take a vacation or move on to greener pastures?

  4. Billy Gunn is most likely eating a steak and drinking red wine at Jacques Roy’s house. He is there most nights getting the latest update on the Mayor’s race, or getting the latest juicy tidbit in the Sam Sansing Cleco litigation with the City.

    Ain’t it da troof!

  5. Don’t call in with anything bad or illegal about the Sheriff Dept,because they won’t report it.
    They won’t even look into it to see if it’s worth reporting.

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