Casey Parks, Louisiana Native and ASH Graduate, Wins Prestigious New York Times Journalism Award

It’s worth mentioning that Casey once wrote for The Town Talk. Casey will be featured in the Ten Under Thirty feature as soon as she returns from vacation.

Read Casey’s award-winning essay

Watch a video of Nick Kristof calling Casey

More information on Casey and her work with the Jackson Free Press can be found here

12 thoughts

  1. I see that she works for the Jackson Free Press in Jackson Mississippi, an alternative to the Gannet Rag. What a novel idea. Someone should do that here.

  2. You know what’s great about that? John Newhouse, her former “boss” at the Town Talk, now heads up the Clarion-Ledger.

    And yes, I agree: we need an alternative weekly here in Cenla. But there has to be a group of us and we have to work together.

  3. I understand Gannet is trying to dominate the market by getting control over the distribution points by offering store owners silly boxes that everyone elso to rent space in. Why don’t they just try publishing a good paper. Do that and the rest will take care of itself.

  4. The Northside Journal is doing a pretty good job in north Rapides and south Grant. Don’t know if they have any plans for south of the river. I think they have the Town Talk’s attention. Paper is full of ads so its supported by its community. Just goes to prove that local people will support a local product that’s truly local.

  5. Thanks for posting the bit about Gannett. I read the story this morning on Dead Pelican and decided to post about it. It’s an important issue, particularly for those of us in Cenla who are interested in creating a true independent press.

  6. Also, you’re right about the Northside Journal. They may be young, but they’re doing a damn good job.

  7. Please note that Casey Parks never was a Town Talk employee. She wrote via the Youth Council, which is not the same thing as being a Town Talk writer.

  8. I have noted that Casey Parks wrote for the Town Talk. However, along with her mother, Casey also WORKED for the Town Talk in another capacity.

    The Youth Council, of which I was also a member, was composed of a panel of students who wrote for the Town Talk without compensation. (By the way, I enjoyed the Youth Council, and I wish they’d bring it back).

  9. they took away the youth council? how sad! i think it’s so funny that people post anonymously on blogs. i just can’t imagine not believing in my ideas enough to sign my name to them (this in reference to both the comment calling me a dyke and also the comment about my not working at the town talk. i’ve got w-2 forms that say i did).


  10. Casey,

    Can’t say I didn’t warn you about these people (this person). Insultingly ruthless and relentless.

  11. The Northside journal is nothing more than the Press Agents for Roy Hebron and Clarence Dupree. Just pick up a copy. They write bad things about the above mentioned politicos opponents and heap praise on their heros. Its not objective.

  12. I wouldn’t mind working or help in the foundation of an alternative weekly. Some of the best newspapers in New Orleans are/were the alt weekies that delivered a better view of the area.

    One of the telling tales of this area is the lack of zines, alt weekies, and such. Without an outside voice, communities lose a lot in terms of discourse and exhibition. Articles on the arts community, academic endeavors, music, etc are dearly needed and have a built in base with the community.

    Come on. We all know the Town Talk is nothing more than a joke. I’m pretty tired on condiment articles, church details, and mostly news services reports. I’ve seen student newspapers with more content.

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